The 10 Most Tragically Unreleased Action Figure Lines

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Toys
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 8:01 am
5) Sesame Street

Following the success of Palisades; many Muppets lines, Sesame Street was a no-brainer for the toy treatment. After publicizing the release, Pallisades pulled a Mego and shut its doors before getting around to producing these extremely awesome-looking action figures (other than a SDCC-exclusive Super Grover). What stings even worse is the planned playsets fans will never see. Collectors could have literally found their way to Sesame Street with full detailed displays to reenact their favorite episodes.

4) Earthworm Jim Series 2

Earthworm Jim's impressive 1993 videogame debut ushered in a brief age of gross-out games perfect for lads and ladies fresh from a diet of Ren & Stimpy cartoons. The Kids WB animated series lasted two seasons and resulted in one wave of action figures from Playmates. While the toy's accessories angered many with their blatant cost-cutting measures (accessories had little to no paint applications), the sculpting was clever enough to leave fans wanting more - especially villains like Professor Monkey-for-a-Head and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt. Those desires and more would have been met with an additional wave of toys that included Samurai Earthworm Jim (who looked a lot like a Gundam) and a crazy mod of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Launcher tank, just to name a few. Ah, what could have been...

3) Ultraforce Series II

Some might wonder why a line of characters that reached comic book purgatory in less than a decade would merit a spot on this list. Well, as evidenced by Malibu's animated and live action (remember the syndicated NightMan show? *shudder*) series, there was apparently enough to the intellectual properties to merit one action figure line from Galoob, but not a second. It's a shame because the line would have included some cool-looking bad guys like Lord Pumpkin, Sludge and Primevil. Actually, to be real for a second, this line is only included because "Desert Heat Nightman" could have generated so many jokes if only it'd arrived in stores.

2) The Simpsons Waves 17 and 18

Even after producing what seemed like every cast member from The Simpsons, Playmates seemed like it still had a few more tricks up its sleeve. Sure, nobody really needed a Ninja Bart or his near-silent friends Richard and Lewis, but it wouldn't have hurt to release the traffic reporting Artie Pie or the Stonecutter Hall due in these two unreleased waves. After all, collectors would have been able to put the Police Academy Mahoney action figure at the table, thereby allowing the Stonecutter toys to make Steve Guttenberg a star!

1) Super Powers Wave 4

The post Super Powers timeline was a dark period for most DC Comics toy collectors. Due to the licensing debacle of the early to late '90s that effectively allowed only Superman and Batman toys on shelves, very few of the company's supporting characters would make it into fans hands aside from the "we wish we were Spawn toys" Total Justice line. What made this waiting period worse was knowing that Kenner had planned a fourth wave of Super Powers toys and beyond (imagine a Teen Titans free for all in Super Powers style) that would have included Swamp Thing, Blue Beetle, Vigilante and a John Stewart Green Lantern. While Mattel has since rectified the sins of the past with an impressive assortment of DC Universe toys, the 20-year slump between DC hero booms was a woeful time for many.

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