New Funko Comic-Con Exclusive Game of Thrones, Goonies, Nightmare before Christmas Figures

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Sigh. Just when we finally print our list, they go and announce this stuff.

Battle-damaged Tyrion with helmet. Glow-in-the-dark Billie puppet from Saw. Jack Skellington with Zero and Superman Sloth retro-action figures. I’m not sure that I’ll actually buy any of them – we’ll talk if they start giving some of these retro properties a similar action figure treatment as that Tyrion (I’d buy a whole range of Saw characters in traps) – but they’re all from properties people don’t stop talking about.

If there’s ever another Saw movie, there should be a trap lined with all these exclusives, but you have to cut off a hand to get one. That wouldn’t be too far off of real life.