No, They’re Not Remaking Princess Bride (Yet)


Apparently rumors are floating around that there’s going to be a Princess Bride remake starring Paul Rudd as Westley and The Office‘s Mindy Kaling as Buttercup. If you haven’t heard these rumors, that’s fine, please ignore this and go about your business. If you have heard them and are freaking the fuck out, please stop. This is just an error/bullshit reported by some qite who got confused because Rudd and Kaling (and Patton Oswalt, for that matter) did a public table read of the script in L.A. a month ago. That’s it. A one-time table read. Not a movie. Not a remake. No need to panic or load the shotguns.

Well, load the shotguns, just in case some does decide to try to remake Princess Bride later. Just don’t carry them around. (Via MSNBC)