The X-Men Cartoon Opening, Psylocked

By Rob Bricken in Anime, Cartoons, Comics
Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 9:05 am

By which I mean "an American property put in the body of an Asian one." This is the Japanese opening to the '90s X-Men cartoon -- awesomely dug up by those kooky kids at Japanator -- and it's just surreal. Things to note:

• Magento apparently in charge of the Brood
• Jean Grey, Storm and Jubillee's powers boiled down to doing Kamehamehas
• Cable and Gambit fighting random mecha
• An awesome shot of Rogue, Storm and Professor X looking like the world's biggest pimp
• Beast pulling a Hulk move
• Wolverine and Omega Red flying through the air

And the whole thing's set to a preposterously awesome J-rock song, which ends with the dude screaming "CRY FOR THE MOOOON!" Well, I'm crying, buddy, because I'll be shocked if the day isn't totally downhill from here.

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