The Amazing Spider-Man Is Amazingly Annoying

I’ve been perching on the fence in a Todd McFarlane-esque pose about The Amazing Spider-Man, but I regret to inform you that I now hate The Amazing Spider-Man with a burning passion, and this video is why:

“I’m swingin’ heah, I’m swingin’ heah!” Really? The tiredest of all New York clich?s, so ubiquitous and overused that few people even remember it’s from Midnight Cowboy? That’s Spider-Man’s first non-“small knives” quip? Fuck everyone involved in bringing that line to movie theaters. Fuck the guy who wrote it, fuck the guy who directed the scene, fuck Andrew Garfield for saying it, fuck the guys who approved it all, and fuck everybody who photocopied that page in the script, just for good measure. I swear, if Spidey pulls a “I don’t get no respect!” Rodney Dangerfield impression in this movie, I’m setting everyone at Sony on fire. (Via Blastr)