The 30 Most Unfortunately Named Transformers

By Kevin Guhl in Daily Lists, Toys
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 8:03 am
14) Hot Rod
All right. We were almost willing to let Hot Rod slide, because it can also be a term for a car. But then we remembered when he got the Matrix he changed his name to Rodimus Prime. Obviously, the dude just really liked rods.

13) Policeman Pete
policeman pete robotmode.jpg
Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Until he was recolored into Fire Marshal Mike, anyway.

12) Drill Nuts
drill nuts beastmode.jpg
The Insecticon named Bombshell used to implant cerebro-shells in people's brains so he could take over their minds. I cringe to think what this guy does.

11 - 8) Alan, Joe, Leaf and Rodney
Leaf robotmode.jpgJoe robotmode.jpgAlan robotmode.jpg
No, it's not another fine sitcom from the minds that brought you "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" or "Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane." It's what happens when you sleep in on the day they're giving out Transformers names and all the Optimus Primes and Metroplexes are already taken.

7) Windbreaker
Windbreaker races towards his enemies like a mighty wind, bursting across Decepticon lines with explosive force. Is that fear he smells?

6) Huffer
Hey, what's Huffer doing out in the garage?

5) Flareup
Nothing stops her from slaying Decepticons, not even her genital herpes. Even Transformers can lead a healthy and heroic lifestyle with Valtrex!

4) Erector
Erector vehiclemode.jpg
Buildings ain't all he's putting up.

3) Nightbeat
Don't let your parents catch you playing with him under the covers.

2) Discharge
Discharge robotmode.jpg
Seriously -- if this comes out of your penis, call a doctor.

1) Breast Force
Breast Force liokaiser11.jpg
The collective name for six Decepticon warriors who can merge together to form the giant Liokaiser. Each robot wears a chest plate that transforms into an animal battle partner. What, did you expect a bunch of Transformers swinging around their giant mammaries on the battlefield? It's a real shame that's not the case, because they would have been the ultimate Topless Robots.

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