Middlebury Won the Quidditch World Cup

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous, Nerdery
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 11:11 am

Congrats to Middlebury College for winning the Quidditch World Cup, held in New York City this pass weekend. Forty-six teams entered, and eventually Middlebury beat Tufts University in the final match. Apparently Lost's Michael Emerson even stopped by to watch a few games. But the real reason I wanted to write this post -- other than congratulating Middlebury for their nerd-sports achievement -- is the above video, which I think has the correct view of playing Quidditch. Keep the brooms and keep it tongue-in-cheek. I really don't want anyone to think I was dissing nerds who play Quidditch the other day -- yes, I personally think it's silly, but I'm also a portly nerd who gets out of breath playing my Xbox sometimes, so we're even at best. It's the NCAA recognition that I find embarrassing, to nerds in general and folks who play Quidditch in particular. I'm sorry, but any sports where you hold a broom between your legs does not need (and will not get) college legitimacy. I'm not saying it's not a real sport, or that it's not fun or worthwhile. But asking the NCAA to recognize it is going to earn you nothing but Muggle scorn. So sorry.
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