The 10 Best Non-Traditional Christmas Movies

By T.J. Dietsch in Daily Lists, Movies
Friday, December 17, 2010 at 7:59 am
5) Edward Scissorhands
Man, that Tim Burton sure loves Christmas doesn't he? You've already got Batman Returns on the list and he wrote and produced the classic stop motion animation A Nightmare Before Christmas, but that's not all when it comes to his unique brand of Christmas cheer. Edward, a weirdo created by a dying scientist, first arouses suspicion in the suburban community of the Boggs family and later murderous rage, but in the end he finds himself a life partner in Kim. And what better match than a pale immortal with sharp hands and a girl. Let's hope they don't get too frisky and lose themselves in the moment.

4) Black Christmas
Directed by none other than the mind behind Porky's and A Christmas Story, Black Christmas was the brain child of Bob Clark. The 1974 proto-slasher flick features a killer sneaking into a sorority house during a Christmas party, takes up residence in the attack and makes breathy phone calls before murdering whoever he can, keeping their bodies with him up in his sanctuary. Margot Kidder stars as Barb. Maybe this is the movie that drove her crazy.

3) The Ice Harvest
A legitimately good dark comedy, The Ice Harvest features a pair of thieves played by John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton who have pulled off a two million dollar heist on Christmas Eve only to get trapped in town thanks to a wicked ice storm. Things go from bad to worse, poor decisions are made and things don't go quite as planned, but them's the breaks around the holidays.

2) Die Hard
Holiday office parties are the best! The boss gets liquored up, coworkers hook up in closets and international terrorists take over the building holding everyone hostage! Wait, that last one doesn't sound like much fun, unless you're watching it instead of living it. Bruce Willis' 1988 classic finds NYC cop John McClain attempting to surprise his estranged wife on Christmas Eve and instead punches, kicks and yippee kai yas his way to saving the day. The worst part about the whole thing? After all that effort probably didn't even get a Christmas present the next day because he didn't call ahead!

1) Gremlins
Gremlins did for Christmas what Halloween did for Halloween, made it even more terrifying. After his dad picked him up the adorable Mogwai Gizmo, Billy didn't follow the core rules close enough and wound up exposing the sleepy little town of Kingston Falls to an army of little green murderous monsters intent on creating chaos at every turn. Thanks to some quick thinking, Billy, Gizmo and company use the Gremlins love of Snow White against them and their vampire-like aversion to light to save the day. Poor Kate just can't catch a break on Christmas, can she?

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