10 Epic Disney Easter Eggs in Epic Mickey

By Ethan Kaye in Daily Lists, Video Games
Monday, January 17, 2011 at 8:01 am
5) "Partners" Statue
At the entrance to Disneyland stands the famous "Partners" statue of Walt holding Mickey's hand. It's often ignored by families rushing past to get to the rides, but it's a nice place of calm and a reminder of the man who started it all. It's such a minor detail, but in Epic Mickey it becomes a focal point of the game -- with Oswald the rabbit taking the place of Mickey. It just proves that nothing was overlooked when pulling inspiration for this game!

4) Walt's Apartment
When Disneyland opened, Walt kept a furnished apartment for himself in Town Square, above the fire station (the fire station doors were closed when someone was in the apartment, to keep kids from ringing the bell and annoying guests). The apartment is still used by Disney's family and visiting guests, but don't ask to see it on the tour. Since the park is fairly accurately represented in Epic Mickey, this seldom-seen room is a hidden bonus. After collecting power sparks from around all the worlds and buying a few from the Emporium, give them to the Gremlin who sets up the projection screens. 30 power sparks gets you access to the hidden room above the fire station, as well as original concept art for Mickey and Oswald, and 300 E-tickets.

3) "Tron" Pete
Epic Mickey features very few boss battles, but the face off with the robotic Pegleg Pete in the Tomorrowland level is a treat. He's dressed up as David Warner's character Sark from Tron, complete with pointy helmet and neon circuitry. His main weapon (other than splashing you with paint thinner) is a Tron Identity Disc.

2) Mickey's Gaming Past
The aforementioned Mickeyjunk Mountain is a junkyard of significant Disneyana, including real antique Mickey telephones, gumball machines, and the re-release poster for Fantasia. And since the scale is huge, Mickey has to jump over all these to get to the end of the level (it is a platformer, after all). The part that made me laugh out loud was a stack of old, forgotten Mickey Mouse Nintendo cartridges from Capcom, including 1988's Mickey Mousecapade and 1992's Disney's Magical Quest.

1) The Mention of Zelda
Game developer Warren Spector is a self-admitted fan of The Legend of Zelda. So, as a special bonus for gamers, he threw in this special line from the first Zelda game. It's in Tortooga, the pirate town, after you save Beluga Billy. He sells you as many watch sketches as you can carry because, well, it's dangerous to go alone.

If you want to see more, check out Chris Antista's "50 Disney References in Epic Mickey" article at GamesRadar, which provided a couple of the images above.
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