The 10 Coolest Superhero Twitter Accounts

By Ethan Kaye in Comics, Daily Lists, Nerdery
Friday, January 21, 2011 at 8:04 am
Remember the good old days when you'd go down to the newsstand and pick up your monthly issue of "More Fun Comics" and "Battle Hard War Fighters" and crack open a bottle of Ovaltine and then go for a stickball game with the neighborhood? Well, if you do, you're obviously in a nursing home, because those days are over!
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Nowadays, kids get their comics as downloads, drink Four Loko, and play games online with middle aged Korean men who ignore their wives! And if you can't get enough superheroes in your comic haul, you can turn to the internet for even more action! Check out these 10 superheroes and villains who have cool Twitter accounts (and have actually tweeted in the last month. Sorry, Hobo Darkseid!)!

10) Galactus (@GalactusMustEat)
galactus must eat.jpg
Well, he's Galactus. He's a hero in the new God Squad, and he's got a decent twitter account! It's mostly about how big he is and how he crushes things, but he keeps the voice and character whenever he responds to people. All too often these superhero twitter accounts are these really insular role-playing scenarios where, yes, you're talking like Hawkeye, but you're only interacting with the other 300 people in your role-playing circle. Whenever Galactus responds, he responds as a giant planet-eater who has no interest in the affairs of man.

9) The Punisher (@_ThePunisher_)
frank castle.jpg
He's the fucking Punisher and he's taken his crusade of tough talk and macho posturing to the internet. Frank Castle dispenses words of wisdom like, "Ever make it easy on criminals and just give them one shot to the head? HAHAHAHA me either :) Today is National Bite-The-Fuckin-Curb Day btw" and "The beats of Atreyu's rock albums are beautiful. They're angelic. They make my murder sprees become ballets without even trying."

8) Mega Man (@DRN001)
drn001 megaman.jpg
A couple 8-bit heroes have Twitter accounts, with varying results, but Mega Man has something fun going. How could you not, with dozens of enemies to rag on? "Alright, who left the flaming bag of spikes on my doorstep?" "Contrary to popular belief, Gutsman actually has no ass whatsoever. #WilyLeaks"

7) The Mad Hatter (@Jervis_Tetch_)
jervis tetch.jpg
OK, I'm admitting that I'm severely partial to the Hatter. And yes, he's one of those role players who just talks with themselves. But he stays in character, and that's freaky. And he speaks in rhyme. "Mustn't struggle. Shouldn't fuss. The ropes are tied, you made me. I must." "All my guests, all in such festive dress. A hat for you and a hat for me, what am I forgetting, oh yes let's pour the tea!"

6) Superman (@JerkSuperman)
jerk superman.jpg
If you've ever wondered how Frank Miller might have written All-Star Superman, look no further than Jerk Superman. He's far, far more interested in mocking his fellow superheros than in fighting crime, but he does it just as effectively. "Check this out, Bruce: it's called a mobile phone. It's like a Bat Signal you can use in the daytime. Oh, about 30 years. I know, right?"

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