10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters Who Deserved More Than a Single Episode

By Brett White in Daily Lists, TV
Monday, April 18, 2011 at 8:03 am
5) Any of Dawn's Friends
05 DawnFriends.jpg
Any BtVS fan would boil Dawn down into one word: whiny. Two words? Whiny brat. Three words? Whiner Brat McWhinerson. But that's just in context of Buffy and her Scoobies. Dawn might have been tolerable amongst her peers. A smattering of friends appear in both "The Body" and "All the Way" and she even had a BFF in the oft-mentioned but once-seen Janice, but the writers never gave any of them more than one episode. They even spent the entire season seven premiere building up a multi-cultural Dawn Patrol (a Latino in Sunnydale? Whaaaaa?) before shooing them all off. Maybe whiny Dawn's friends only ever appeared once because that's all they could stand of her.

4) The Guardians from "End of Days"
04 Guardians.jpg
A return appearance of the Guardians would have cleared up a big WTF moment that came way late in the series. Seriously, the BtVS staff waits until the next-to-last episode to pull the entire rug out of from under the show's mythology knowing they don't have enough time to clear it up? That's some Lost-shit right there. So the Guardians are the women behind the Watchers? Where did they come from? Why are they in hiding? How many were there? Do they have any powers? Why do they have the Fray scythe? Why do they live in a cave? Why didn't the writers think of them six years earlier?

3) Gwendolyn Post from "Revelations"
03 GPost.jpg
Gwendolyn Post showed up for one episode and tricked everyone into thinking she was Faith's new Watcher before showing her hand way too early when confronted with an all-powerful gauntlet. Just like it was edge-of-your-inflatable-chair-seat action watching Faith turn evil over the course of season three, just imagine how much more dramatic it would have been if her Watcher was going to the Dark Side as well. I would have spent hours on AOL's Buffy boards trying to figure out who was going to be the bigger threat: the Mayor, a rogue Slayer or a rogue Watcher. And yes, I watched Buffy season three from an inflatable chair and yes I was obsessed with AOL message boards. 1998 happened to you too.

2) Ted Buchanan from "Ted"
02 TBuchanan.jpg
John. Freakin'. Ritter. Imagine a multi-episode arc starring one of America's most lovable TV goofballs as Buffy's sadistic stepdad. His singular titular episode was not enough! Ritter's overall charming menace and dramatic reveal as a robot would have elevated the following episode, "Bad Eggs," considerably. Plus the episodes after "Bad Eggs" are the heart-stakingly dramatic "Surprise" and "Innocence." Just imagine how painful the last scene of "Innocence" would be if both Buffy AND Joyce had just had their chances at long-lasting love destroyed. How did the pain-bringers at Mutant Enemy overlook this?

1) Marcie Ross from "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"
01 MRoss.jpg
Lesser creative types would build a whole series (either television series or young-adult-supernatural-romance-fiction-novel series) around a government run assassin school for invisible angst-y teens, but not Joss Whedon and company. They introduced this killer concept in season one and then ignored it for six years. They even forgot this pre-existing spook for all of season four when the government was the bad guy. To satisfy your nerd need for more Marcie Ross and her invisi-ssassins, imagine them pantsing the government Initiative grunts just after the camera cuts away throughout season four.

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