It's the End of the World

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 9:48 am
This is a commercial for online custom engagement ring retailer It is a fucking miracle for several reasons, and let me tell you why:

• It's about nerds, but neither of them look like stereotypical '80s-style Revenge of the Nerds-style nerds.
• In fact, both nerds are thing, fit, and reasonably attractive. And only one has glasses!
• Although the male nerd is silent, neither nerd is socially inept to the point of ludicrousness.
• While the nerd girl is attractive, she's not some ludicrous supermodel and thus some clearly unattainable, preposterous ideal, meaning that this scenarios is not some traditional "nerd/head cheerleader" fantasy but is actually realistic and plausible.
• The nerd girl espouses an opinion on Green Lantern that not only isn't incorrect, but is well-known to the nerd community and well-argued.
• All this was done for a commercial for engagement rings.

In short, this commercial is actually a positive, realistic look at nerd boys and girls, in an advertisement for a totally non-nerdy item. I mean, it would have been interesting enough for a comic store to advertise itself without resorting to nerd tropes, but a store that sells items primarily to the masses? That's unheard of. This commercial is wonderful, and positive, and a miracle and I want to give everyone involved in it a hug and back massage. (Via Geeks Are Sexy)
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