Unsurpisingly, There’s More Spidey Musical Drama

Sad Spidey.jpg

The other day, Rob told you about how Julie Taymor will no longer be directing the national punchline that is Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. It seems like the current showrunners are desperate to get things back on track and making changes aplenty. (Hmm, was this thing ever on track?) But wait there’s more! Rumors also suggest that some of the cast are ready to throw in the towel. First things first, from Gothamist comes word that some of Taymor’s more self-indulgent additions to the musical are getting the axe:

Since it opened started previews last year one of
the show’s most critically derided numbers has been a song called
“Deeply Furious,” sung by the character Arachne and a chorus of
shoe-wearing spider-ladies, which exiting theatergoers have taken to
calling the “shoe song.” Our spy who saw the Green Goblin get stuck on
Wednesday described it this way: “Oh my god, the Shoes number is
literally one of the most offensive things I have ever seen. It’s like watered-down Christina Aguilera meets Sex and the City meets a wholesale rejection of feminism.

According to the Times’ sources the shoe song is one of the first
things the producers want cut (Bono and the Edge are reportedly writing a
few new numbers). Other changes planned include drastically reducing
the Taymor stand-in/character of Arachne, enlarging the romance between
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, “additional flying sequences are
being considered, and the story arc of the villain Green Goblin is also
expected to be clarified.” And hopefully they will also clarify the
second act more than a smidgen (spoiler: it’s a dream!).

Meanwhile, New York Post critic/Turn Off the Dark naysayer Michael Riedel is reporting rumors of disgruntled cast members who might be seeking to bolt as soon as possible. Could the Spidey musical saga finally be winding down? At this point there are two camps remaining — those who can’t get enough of stories about this whole mess and others who are just sick of hearing about the whole thing. If you belong to the latter, my apologies and there will be plenty of non Spidey shoe-infested posts for the rest of the day. I promise.