“Julie Taymor No More!”


?Various sites are reporting that Julie Taymor has definitely left Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark yesterday, which is a nice way of saying she quit before she could be fired. The musical’s premiere has been delayed a sixth time, to June, as rumored, although management is currently denying it (as if firing the director less than a week before the opening night would have no impact whatsoever). Say what you want about Taymor (seriously, go ahead, I don’t care) — my feelings are that she simply had no grasp of what makes Spider-Man a popular character, although it’s obvious Bono and the Edge don’t, either — but now that she’s free, she should get drunk for a month. Much thanks to Bunche for the tip. Oh, and that art is from a cartoon at the Village Voice, if you’re so inclined. It’s not exactly targeted to nerds, but there are a few great panels.