Goofy Things You Should Be in No Hurry to Watch, Seriously: X-Men Anime

The Mary Sue found the opening to the X-Men anime, and while I still think it looks better than the Iron Man or Wolverine anime series, it still looks pretty silly. Actually, maybe it looks all right, and Cyclops still looks so ridiculous that he throws the entire series off for me. He seriously wouldn’t look any less appropriate if he had on a pretty yellow sundress.

And while we’re on the subject of Marvel anime, Geeks of Doom says that Adrian Pasdar of Heroes semi-fame will fo the voice of Tony Stark in the English version of the Iron Man anime when it comes to G4, which is fine… and his Heroes brother Milo Ventimiglia will voice Logan in the Wolverine anime.



That’s the most ridiculous voice casting I’ve ever heard. Unless Ventimiglia does impressions I don’t know about, anime Wolverine will sound even goofier than he looks.