15 Marvel Superheroes Who Somehow Don't Have Action Figures Yet

By Kevin Hellions in Comics, Daily Lists, Toys
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 8:01 am
From Toy Biz's impressively wide-ranging Spider-Man and X-Men toylines of the '90s to the Marvel Legends that dominated the '00s, it may be hard to believe that there are any Marvel superheroes left without action figure representation. However, with thousands of characters and the need for five variations of Spider-Man in every toyline (one of which is usually water skiing or something) there are more than a few heroes and villains that have fallen through the action figure cracks. Here are 15 Marvel characters that desperately need toys. Some are new, some are old; some are heroes, some are villains and some have been around for so long they've been both (sometimes multiple times).

Please note: We're not counting Heroclix here; they're fun, but they aren't action figures. Also, if a toy was made of a character, no matter how old and/or terrible that toy was, it's not on this list. So there's no need to tell us we forgot ROM, because we didn't. But you're welcome to tell us what Marvel toys you're missing in your collection in the comments.

15) N'astirh
Being one of the baddest demons in all of Marvel comics should be enough to get some toy recognition, especially now that Marvel is arguing in the courts over what is and isn't a human. Not only did this bad guy start Inferno, but he also transformed many heroes into impressively memorable villains -- Illyana became Darkchilde, Meggan became the Goblin Princess and, of course, Madeline Pryor became the Goblin Queen. N'astirh disappeared from the comics pages for many years, but has recently shown back up, still pulling the strings of Magik.

14) The Hood
For someone who hasn't been in the Marvel universe that long, the Hood has made quite an impact. He first appeared as the star of a Marvel MAX mini-series; most fans thought he would become a forgotten character, but then Civil War happened and the Hood rose up to become the "godfather" of Marvel's villains. He has messed with everyone from the Punisher (even bringing back to life the previously dead Microchip) all the way up to battling everyone over the Infinity Gems. The Hood is always just one step away from taking over the world, and it's about time he took over toy shelves.

13) Amadeus Cho
If the gods have decided Cho is good enough to be their champion, then he's good enough to be remade in plastic. Amadeus Cho started out as a very, verysmart kid who befriends the Hulk in World War Hulk; after he starts hanging out with Hercules, Amadeus was then thrown big brain first into the world of Greek divinity. The gods have made him the new Prince of Power, utilizing the power of the mind instead of Hercules's power of strength. His already great intelligence (Reed Richards himself says that Cho is the seventh most intelligent mind on the planet) has been augmented with Ant-Man's helmet and Hercules' mace. His action figure accessories make themselves!

12) Daimon Hellstrom/Son of Satan
stan detail.jpg
The Son of Satan started off as one of Marvel's great supernatural heroes from the 1970s. Since then he's bounced around with various teams, including the Midnight Sons, the Defenders and the West Coast Avengers. Damion was married to Hellcat, listed as a possible Sorcerer Supreme and helped keep the Marvel Zombies at bay. Plus, his name is Son of Satan -- most kids would buy that action figure on principle alone. Hellstrom was last seen in Villains for Hire waiting the time when a writer realizes how big he can be as either a hero or villain and stops leaving money on the table.

11) Power Pack
These four preteen superhero siblings used to be the stars of one of the most popular comics on the planet. And although it was kid-friendly, the series dealt with every social issue of the 1980s had to offer, both with depth and honesty. These kids were involved in most of the major Marvel events of the '80s, too, including The Fall of the Mutants, Inferno, Secret Wars II and they even battled Sabretooth during the Mutant Massacre. Since then, the various members of the Pack have shown up in the pages of New Warriors, Runaways, Fantastic Four and Avengers Academy. One day this group of super-powered (now) teenagers will reunite, probably at the same time Marvel realizes they have their own version of Young Justice just waiting to be animated.

10) Echo
Oh, let's see this new character's credentials: an Avenger, a partner to both Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight, a major player in Secret Invasion, the Invaders miniseries, and more. She's earned a little toy love. Although deaf, Echo has similar powers to Taskmaster in that she can replicate almost any movement she sees, and became an awesome martial artist with incredible aim after watching a tape of couple of Daredevil/Bullseye fights. She might be best known as being disguised as Ronin while she was with the Avengers; however that Marvel Legends Ronin figure doesn't cout as an Echo figure, mostly because the packaging says Ronin is Clint Barton, who took over the name and mask after Echo.

9) The Jackal
The villain behind two of Marvel's biggest stories doesn't have a figure? That's a travesty. Jackal was behind the Clone Saga, and that alone should be reason to have a toy at home you can punish for years on end. More recently, the Jackal created bed bugs to infect all of Manhattan with Spider-Man powers in the Spider-Island arc. The Jackal has died many times already and each time he's revealed to have been a clone. How, with all the millions of Spider-Man figures released over the last 30 years, this guy doesn't have a toy is beyond us.

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