Wait a Second, Those Are Battle Beasts Too

By Rob Bricken in Toys
Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 11:16 am
So you remember how Diamond Select finally announced how and when they're bringing back the Battle Beasts? Well, things are about to get a bit awkward for Diamond, but awesome for Battle Beasts fans, because TakaraTomy -- original makers of the Battle Beasts that were imported to America -- is also going to be making Battle Beasts. The line will be called Beast Fight, and you can see a ton of new images over here. The figures look great, and unlike Diamond Select's figures, will be fully sculpted and not just Minimates. On the other hand, each individual Beast Fight figure will be $7, so Diamond's Beasts will be considerably cheaper. At any rate, if you're a Battle Beast fan, 2012 is looking to be your year. (Via 16bit.com)
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