The Hobbit Trifecta: First Clip, Lawsuit, Japanese Poster

By Chris Cummins in Movies
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 10:00 am
• Here's your first look at a clip from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey...and it's a doozy. I defy anyone to not start weeping when Gandalf launches into his insights on what true courage is. Real talk: The mountains aren't the only thing that are going to be misty when this flick comes out. The Hobbit is going to emotionally wreck me and I CAN'T WAIT.
• Warner Brothers is suing The Asylum over the upcoming release of their mockbuster Age of the Hobbits. The Hollywood Reporter has the details about the lawsuit, which provides a peek behind the curtain to reveal the complexity of intellectual property cases like this one. Transmorphers fans, take note.
The Hobbit Japanese Poster.jpg
• Here's a stunning Japanese poster for The Hobbit. Usually snark is my default setting when I see contemporary movie posters. This time though? Not a chance, it's beautiful.(Via First Showing)

UPDATE: It has just been announced that four exclusive character posters will be given to attendees at the 12:01am IMAX shows on December 14th. Take a look:
Hobbit Midnight Posters.jpg
 Okay, that Gollum one is definitely worth staying up late for. Full details on the giveaway can be found at /Film.
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