Seven Cool SDCC 2013 Bits of Comic Book News (and 7 We Didn't Get but Should Have)

By Eric Diaz in Comics, Daily Lists
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 6:00 am

San Diego Comic Con 2013 has come and gone, and although the lion's share of the news items to come out of the convention floor were about movies and television, several major comic book related announcements were made as well. Here are seven of the coolest ones, and seven that would have been a whole lot cooler had they happened as I'd hoped they would.

1. Marvel Announces Nightcrawler's Return in Amazing X-Men


With the upcoming end of Marvel's Astonishing X-Men title, everyone knew there was an open slot to be filled in the mutant monthly comic slate, and at SDCC 2013 on Sunday, Marvel announced a new Amazing X-Men series, from writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness. This book will see the long awaited return of Nightcrawler to the Marvel Universe, after having been killed off in the Second Coming crossover series back in 2010 saving the young mutant Hope. Just like fellow mutants Jean Grey, Colossus, etc, we all knew Nightcrawler would be back someday, and I'm glad Marvel didn't drag it out forever. Because who doesn't love Kurt Wagner? Also, from the previews it looks like they've decided to put Kurt back in his original (and best) costume, as designed by the late, great Dave Cockrum.

The new book will be written by Jason Aaron, whose work on the Wolverine and the X-Men title has led to some of the best and most enjoyable X-Men books since Joss Whedon was on the title. He's bringing along some of Marvel's most recognizable X-persons to the team, like Storm, Wolverine (duh), Beast, Iceman, Northstar and...Firestar? Yes, the mutant created for television back in the '80s to be one of Spider-Man's "Amazing Friends" has found some newer amazing friends to hang with. At least she'll be reunited with her old pal Iceman.

Announcement That Wasn't Made, But I Wish Had Been:

You've got Ed McGuiness as an artist on an X-Men book, and you don't include Colossus as one of the members? Ed McGuiness was pretty much born to draw Piotr Rasputin, in all his giant, musclebound glory, and including Colossus on the team would re-unite the main four "All-New, All Different X-Men" team members once again.

2. Bruce Timm Announces Batman: Black and White


Although not technically a comic book announcement, it does involve Batman, so I'm going to cheat a bit here. At the Spotlight on Bruce Timm panel on Friday at SDCC, the genius animator behind Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Superman and Justice League Unlimited squashed rumors of his impending retirement, which began when it was announced he was no longer supervising the DC Animated movies any more, as he has been doing since the release of Superman: Doomsday to DVD in 2007. This of course led many to believe he was no longer at Warner Brothers anymore. Warner reps quickly denied the rumors, saying he was moving on to other projects inside the company.

What it turns out those projects are, as revealed at his spotlight panel by Timm, is a short animated feature on Superman for his 75th Anniversary, featuring various incarnations of the character through the ages, as well as a short Batman Black and White film-noir for Cartoon Network's DC Nation. Timm didn't say too much about this last project, but did say it would probably see the light of day within the next year or so. Anything Batman related with Timm should be news for geeks everywhere to jump for joy as far as I'm concerned, as Bruce Timm + Batman = Gold every time.

Announcement That Wasn't Made, But I Wish Had Been:

Of course, after rumors of his retirement were officially debunked by Warners, new rumors began to spread like wildfire online that the reason Timm was stepping down from overseeing the DC animated films was that he was prepping an all new animated Justice League series, which would be a continuation of the DC Animated Universe begun in the '90s and finishing off in 2006 with the final episode of Justice League Unlimited. Sadly, although he did mildly hint at some new DC projects in the horizon, there was no confirmation of any rumors about a new Justice League show coming anytime soon. Which made this fanboy right here totally bummed.

3. Marvel Announces The Inhumans as "The Next Big Franchise"


At the Cup O' Joe Panel on Friday, Marvel editor Nick Lowe revealed that the next big franchise from Marvel after Jonathan Hickman's big the Infinity Avengers-centric crossover would be the return of the Inhumans in an all new series. Inhumanity spins out of Infinity, leading to Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira's Inhuman, a new ongoing series starting in January 2014. Marvel EIC Axel Alonso says the Inhumans are going to become a big deal going forward into 2014 and beyond, much like Guardians of the Galaxy were a minor property a year or so ago and are now a top-ten book. Marvel seems to be hoping for the same effect to take place for the Inhumans; they've always been a cool concept that for some reason has never really taken off long-term in the comics, but this could finally be their chance at the big time.

Announcement That Wasn't Made, But I Wish Had Been:

Ok, with the big push for the Inhumans as a "the next big thing" it is clear that Marvel is setting up Jack Kirby's creations for a big media push, namely, a movie from Marvel Studios. Although Marvel Studios delivered what was, by all accounts, a killer panel in Hall H on Saturday, I wouldn't have minded seeing a little corporate synergy in action and see one of their as yet un-named movies coming out in the next few years be announced as The Inhumans, officially.

4. DC Comics Announces Harley Quinn Ongoing Series


DC Comics held several panels at SDCC this year, but unlike years prior, there were practically no major new announcements on upcoming titles. What we got was a lot of regurgitation of info already spilled in solicitations already released online. *YAWN* Fans come to these panels at Comic Con to hear NEW info and get teased for major projects for the next six to eight months, not just tell us what we already know. But projects like Forever Evil, Superman/Wonder Woman, and some others were already common knowledge among fans. C'mon DC, give us something new to get excited about or get pissed off over at these panels; that's kind of the whole point.

However, there was one decent announcement made that we hadn't already heard from DC, and that was the news of an all-new ongoing series for the Joker's #1 lady Harley Quinn, by the married team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, who will be co-writing a comic book for the first time. Harley has been a super popular character ever since her introduction in the now classic '90s Batman animated series, and although she had an ongoing series once before, this would be her first one since DC launched the New 52. Although I miss her classic look, I'm glad ol' Harley girl is getting her due once again, even if she is all "Suicide Girls" lookin' now.

Announcement That Wasn't Made, But I Wish Had Been:

We've seen glimpses of concept sketches for the comic book Justice League 3000, but if someone at DC confirmed that the future versions of the Flash and Wonder Woman in that upcoming book were in fact Donna Troy and Wally West, DC fanboys and fangirls would go nuts. Throw us old school fans a bone, DC. Geez.

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