Ten Exclusive Comics to Keep an Eye out for at Comic Con

By Eric Diaz in Comics, Daily Lists
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 6:00 am

Despite the popular wisdom, they absolutely still do have comic books at Comic Con. Lots in fact, and here are some of the exclusives that are only available this week at the Con, or, if you're not lucky enough to be there, soon to be available for a lot more money on eBay.

10. Lady Death: Wicked Ways 1 Unchained Edition


It's fair to say that even in her '90s heyday, I was never part of Lady Death's target demographic of long-haired hetero males who loved death metal and would write to Wizard magazine over and over reiterating how only Glenn Danzig could ever play Wolverine in a live action X-Men movie. Against all odds, though, Lady Death has survived into the new century. One of the selling points on this Comic-Con exclusive is that the cover has been "enhanced with Swarovski crystals," which would excite every drag queen I know, but just might not be worth it to your average Lady Death fanboy. This baby will be brought to you by the Hero Initiative, and will set you back $40 bucks.

Creative Team:
I think Lady Death creator Brian Pulido is writing this one, since he's signing the cover, but it is kind of unclear. Darick Robertson is doing the art chores.
What it's about:
Ummm....no idea? I'm sure it will entail Lady Death being both sexy and bad ass.One thing's for sure...she won't be chained. No sir.
Going purely by the cover:
Lady Death finally got that pet zombie from her daddy she always wanted.
Odds I'll regret the purchase:
You won't. Two words for ya - Swarovski. Crystals.

9. Bongo's Two One-Shot Wonders in One


Here's one you might want to pick up for the Simpsons fan in your life: two recent Bongo one-shots set in the world of Springfield combined into one handy little edition.The Malevolent Mr. Burns #1 and Professor Frink's Fantastic Science Fictions #1 are collected together in one exclusive, double-issue, one-shot for San Diego Comic-Con.

Creative Team:
The writer for the Mr. Burns portion is Ian Boothby, and the artist is Nathan Kane. The Professor Frink portion is also brought to you by Ian Boothby, along with Hilary Barta, Andrew Pepoy, Chris Yambar, James Lloyd, Nathan Kane, and John Delaney
What it's about:
I'm going to assume that Mr. Burns will do something dastardly, and forget who his employee Homer Simpson is, and Professor Frink will make weird sounds. Just guessing.
Going purely by the cover:
Burns and Frink have created a four-headed Simpson beast. Bettah watch out, Tokyo.
Odds I'll regret the purchase:
At this point, the Simpsons have been around for SO long that you know exactly what you're gonna get when purchasing Simpsons items, regardless of what they may be. So if you regret it, it's your own fault. Besides, it's only like $10 bucks.

8. The Strain: The Fall #1 Comic - San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Cover by Rafael Albuquerque


Writer/director Guillermo del Toro, whose giant monsters vs giant robots epic Pacific Rim just came out this week, is like a geek demi-god who has his fingers in seemingly a million nerdy little pies. One of those pies is his series of vampire novels The Strain, which he co-wrote with author Tom Hogan, and will soon be a television series on FX. Before it's a a television series, though, it'll be a comic first, and you can get a copy of The Fall with an exclusive cover at this year's con.

Creative Team:
Writer David Lapham and artist Mike Huddleston have adapted del Toro's and Hogan's novel into comic form.
What it's about
A vampire plague has hit New York City (and presumably, the whole world.) And humans have to fight back. You know how it goes.
Going purely by the cover:
These vamps look less like any vampires I've ever seen, and more like weird giant fetuses with super long tongues. I have a feeling these vampires will not sparkle.
Odds I'll regret the purchase:
It's Guillermo del Toro and it's only five dollars. Don't be so cheap.

7. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #9 Glitter Variant


I don't claim to understand the whole Brony phenomenon. On the one hand, it's sort of awesome that a bunch of adult, presumably straight males would embrace something so girly, especially in our overtly misogynist culture. But you realize that some of these guys sexually fetishize the ponies, and then comes the "ewww" factor. Regardless, My Little Pony is like a "thing" now, and IDW has an exclusive glitter variant cover of the latest issue of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic containing 8 pages of material that isn't in the regular edition.

Creative Team:
This one is written by Katie Cook, drawn by Andy Price, and colored by Price and Tony Fleecs
What it's about:
Slightly anthropomorphic horses with names like Twinkle Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash, like, hang out and do mushrooms or something. Or maybe that's the people who write this stuff. I might have them mixed up.
Going purely by the cover:
A pony knows how to DJ, and all the other ponies get down in da club.
Odds I'll regret the purchase
If you're a Brony, you won't regret this purchase when you make it (it's only ten bucks) but you will really regret it in five years and find it among a pile of stuff in your closet, and have to remind yourself of your "pony phase."

6. Star Wars: Dark Times - The Spark Remains #1 SDCC 2013 Exclusive Cover


Star Wars comics over at Dark Horse seem to be having a resurgence of popularity lately, partially due to the Darth Vader-focused series Dark Times, which takes place between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Star Wars is as big a part of Comic Con as any other geek media, what with all the Stormtroopers and all, so if you're in a Jedi frame of mind you might wanna pick this baby up.

Creative Team:
Randy Stradley, Doug Wheatley, Dan Jackson & Benjamin Carre
What it's about:
According to the official solicitation, having been reunited with the ragtag crew of the Uhumele, Jedi Dass Jennir is surprised to find them all plotting with another Jedi to take down Darth Vader. Seeing as how we all know how the movies turned out, I'm pretty sure they lose.
Going purely by the cover:
Apparently, at some point in this comic Lord Vader gets his groove on at a nightclub.
Odds I'll regret the purchase:
The comic is only $3.50, so odds are slim that you'll regret the purchase. At San Diego Comic Con, just a soda will cost you three fiddy.

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