Star Wars as an Australian Beer Commercial

By Luke Y. Thompson in Food & Drink, Movies
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 3:56 pm


Ten years in the making.

Shot on 35 mm film.

It's "Star Wars Downunder," a half-hour fan movie whose entire message seems to be that in order to make an existing property into something uniquely Australian, it has to be about beer.

I admire the commitment.

And no, so far nobody says, "That's not a loightsabah! THAT'S a loightsabah!" But there are lightsaber boomerangs, because of course there are.

The full 30-minute version will be online at the end of September. The trailer is after the jump.

Nice work on the CGI, fellas and/or Sheilas.

Star Wars Downunder Trailer from Michael Cox on Vimeo.

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