I Will Allow One More Zombie Movie, and This Is It

I know, I know — you groaned as soon as you saw the word “zombie” in the article title. I don’t blame. What’s worse is that this isn’t just a zombie flick, but a “Blank” Vs. Zombies flick. Why, I can see you getting ready to close your internet tab in disgust. But wait! I honestly think you should give this one a chance; I know you’re tired, and even angry about about the overabundance of zombie films, but I honestly think you might have room in your heart for just one more, this one. Why? Because the “Blanks” in question are… Cockneys.

Seriously, watch the trailer. If you didn’t laugh at the old-man-in-a-walker-vs.-slow-zombie chase scene, then yeah, you’re done, and I don’t begrudge it of you. But my zombie-movie-exhausted heart started beating again when the old dude yelled “We know where ta fucking shoot ‘um” to the kid like he was an idiot. It’s basically Shaun of the Dead, but starring surly, super-competent, prone-to-violence-anyways elderly people. I have zero problems with that.