20 Wonderful, Weird and Wild Things to Do at New York Comic Con

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6:00 am

8. Spend Some Time With a Misanthropic Dungeon Master


...and not just the one who won't let you re-roll your ranger's stats because he's such a control freak and oh god, I'm going home because I quit, Greg!

Ahem, no, you should check out Zero Charisma, the indie dramedy from director Andrew Matthews. If you think that a film can't wrest pathos from one man-child's attempt to dominate his D&D crew, then you haven't seen this poignant and somewhat dark festival hit.

9. Let Your Marvel Fandom Flag Fly With These Con-Exclusive Tees


I genuinely didn't know what the logo that first shirt was supposed to be representing. The X-Men's alien foe the Brood? Captain Cthulhu? Nope, that's from the Spider-Man 2099 relaunch, looking far more odd and mutant-y than I remember (but apparently, my memory is terrible, so there you go).

The Spidey 2099 shirts being sold by Midtown Comics joins chest-area coverings for Captain Marvel and... U.S. Agent?

Okay, seriously, discount Captain America is shirt-worthy?

10. Hang Out With a Bunch of Hard-Partying Cosplayers


Midtown Comics is sponsoring a cosplay after party with "Heroes of Cosplay" judge and all-around awesome lady Yaya Han in attendance. Costumes aren't exactly required, but then what kind of jerk goes to a cosplay party out of costume?

You can find more details on the NYCC Cosplay Afterparty Facebook page.

11. Drop Everything and Queue Up for the Bob's Burgers Panel


This one's happening Friday night, and it's likely the Empire Stage hall will be filled to capacity with all of the media events that went on before. Still, if you can somehow squeeze yourself into this panel for the Emmy-winning show, you're in for a treat.

The show's cast will be on hand, likely telling dirty jokes and ignoring your requests to say something in character for your outgoing voicemail message. Or maybe they'll do it because H. Jon Benjamin is a goofy, brilliant bald nutjob.

12. Get Someone on the Record About the Correct Pronunciation of "Ggrapptikk Grunts"


And while you're at it, why not pick up one (or both) of these Power Lords action figures from Four Horsemen. Of course, as with all show exclusives, these will be available in limited quantities with the added bonus of only being available for a limited time: you'll have to snag one of these pink and purple bad boys between 1:00 and 4:00 at the Onell Designs booth (#102).

Look, you probably don't even know what a "Power Lord" is and you're already thinking of getting one of these. But who are we to say you shouldn't go with that crazy, spend-y instinct?

13. Get Cookie Monster's Autograph


Well, not the Muppet, per se - voice actor David Rudman will be attending the con on Saturday and signing along with hundreds of other performers, creators and geek personalities that you might have been clamoring to meet for years.

Oh and don't worry: it's absolutely okay for you to go glassy eyed for a minute or two when you're in the presence of, say, Stan Lee, because you want to tell him how much his contribution to comics means to you. Just don't ask him to sign your Stripperella DVD because, man, really?.

14. Go to a Workshop or Educational Panel (AKA, It's Okay to Learn Something At NYCC)


The Mary Sue will be presenting a panel on geek representations in media while animator Tim Fielder will be conducting a workshop around sketching for beginners - so why not expand your mind a little, friend?

It might be great to have an exhaustive knowledge of how many times Shatner crosses and uncrosses his legs in Star Trek, but wouldn't it be great to dig a little deeper into the pop culture you so love? Or better still, learn how to create something of your own?

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