20 Wonderful, Weird and Wild Things to Do at New York Comic Con

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6:00 am

15. If Members of Westboro Church Protest, Conduct a (Peaceful) Counter-protest

David Shankbone

The hate group typically attempts to spread their message of intolerance (via their vicious, cruel reading of the Bible) during San Diego Comic-Con, ultimately sparing NYCC attendees their noxious presence.

But on the offhand chance Fred Phelps and his joyless brood make their way to the Javits Center, why not offer a peaceful counter-protest to drown out their message of hate. Hell, even if they don't show up, why not hold up a couple of signs calling for tolerance, love and hope?

16. Pester Valiant About the Return of Rai and the Future Force


The return of the Valiant line has been both exhilarating and a little anxiety-inducing for this OG comics fan. First off, some characters like Turok, Magnus and Solar remain in a rights tug-of-war, making the revamped universe feel incomplete. Plus, nostalgia dictates that I wonder when the books and characters I was really into back in the day will make their return.

So do me a favor: hit up the Valiant panel on Saturday and bug the creators about the return of the Spider Aliens, the Blood of Heroes, and when we'll see Mothergod in all of her half-naked, timeline-murdering splendor.

17. Do Take a Ton of Cosplay Photos; Don't Be a Dick About It

Frédéric de Villamil

A general rule of thumb: if you want to snap a photo of someone who's created an excellent costume, politely ask if you can do so. But don't use that as an opportunity to leer/get grabby/say something you wouldn't say to your mom or sister.

New York Comic Con hasn't embraced a uniform code of conduct for attendees, and it sucks that we still have to state the obvious on this front, but let's state the damned obvious on this front: the men, women, boys and girls who dress up for the show aren't doing it for you and aren't obligated to respond to your attentions. Admiration is great, photos are better, but dickery is unacceptable.

18. If You Can Hit Up an Adult Swim Panel, Do That


Dan Harmon will be there pimping his new animated series Rick and Morty, while Brad Neely will attend in the hopes of getting you to re-enroll for the second season of China, IL. How can you not want to hear these crazy people talk about their shows?

Harmon in particular is an effusive and energetic storyteller, and he (and co-creator Justin Roiland) will surely add tons of digressions about the creation of his first project with Adult Swim.

19. Don't Buy Anything.

Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Know what that thing is up there? Neither do I, but we probably both want to buy one, don't we?

Commerce is the lifeblood of a convention and I don't want to take any money out of any retailer's mouths, but... I don't know, maybe don't spend any money this year?

Or how about this: plan to spend less. I know we've listed a bunch of exclusives vying for your hard-earned dollar, but consider, for once, just walking off of the show floor with nothing in your hands. Just for one of the days you're there. Don't be the guy or girl who has to play a brutal game of luggage Tetris because that MIB Inhumanoids figure needed a home.

Your ever-dwindling shelf space and wallet will thank you for it.

20. Seriously, Go to Chinatown


Here's the thing: if you get to the show on Thursday and try to hit everything, by let's say Saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon, you'll be a floppy, exhausted, hungry mess.

So leave. Walk out. Take advantage of the easy to navigate NYC subway system and check out something else in town. Maybe Chinatown (hit up Saigon Bakery if you know what's good for you). Just get away from the Javits Center for a couple of hours and stuff your face and belly with something besides a $7 pizza slice. Your gut and your mental well-being will thank me.

For a full list of events, check out the New York Comic Con schedule.

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