The 20 Best Cosplay Pics from Bent-Con 2013

By Eric Diaz in Comics, Daily Lists, Nerdery
Monday, November 11, 2013 at 6:00 am


Bent-Con is the latest convention experience to enter the world of geekdom. Only in its fourth year, Bent-Con, which takes place in the Burbank area of Los Angeles, has grown pretty fast. Created by and for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender geek community, this Con is a safe space for queer geeks like myself to express our mutual love of comics, sci-fi, fantasy and horror in our own unique way.

Of course, like any geek convention worth its salt, there has to be some good cosplay on display, and Bent-Con didn't disappoint in that regard. Not to brag, but my peeples can be pretty creative with the costuming when we put our minds to it. Just sayin'. Although I DO really wish more women had cosplayed...Lesbians, trans and bi girls, you need to represent too! Bring it next year! In the meantime, check out my top 20 cosplay pics from Bent-Con 2013. (All pics are SFW - unless maybe you work at Chick-fil-A.)

20. Marvel's Hercules


We start this list with Marvel's version of the son of Zeus himself, Hercules. A very appropriate cosplay for Bent-Con, seeing how ol' Herc was quite the bisexual horn-dog,in both the classical mythology AND the Marvel Universe. Don't believe me? Check out Northstar's reaction at Herc's funeral. I mean, you tell me.


19. Cyclops From the X-Men Movies


This guy came workin' a James Marsden/movie version of the X-Men's Cyclops, ready to release some optic beam action on somebody. Maybe he was looking for director Brett Ratner, who unceremoniously killed off his character in X-Men: The Last Stand. (pssst....Ratner was probably at the local strip joint by the nearby Burbank airport. Next time, Cyke.)

18. Static Shock and His Pal Superman


Although this version of DC Comics' Static is a spot-on recreation of the character's New 52 costume, it's his buddy Superman who wins the day for me, if only for the fact that he's wearing a pair of Superman All-Star Chuck Taylors as a way of completing his look.

17. The Elvira Twins


These two lovely Elviresses (Elviri? What's the plural for Elvira?) kept the Halloween vibe going for a little while longer. Werk it, ghurls.

16. The Flash


One thing I can just about guarantee about a regular comic-con versus a gay comic-con, is that at a gay convention, our Flash is gonna be a whole lot shinier than your Flash.

15. Aquaman and Random Warrior Guy


So it looks like buff warrior barbarian/Spartan/whatever dude is about to plunge his big, long sword right into Aquaman in this pic. (Omigod, that's not even what I meant; get your mid out of the gutter.)

14. Grunge and Nightwing


Hey kids, remember Grunge? No, not the music style responsible for giving us Alice in Chains and whatnot, but the character from Wildstorm's Gen13? No? Okay, well, this guy here remembers, and he's rockin' a pretty hot version of this character, if I do say so myself. His companion Nightwing's body-paint look is pretty badass too, and I can already tell you he'd make for a better version of Dick Grayson for the whole Batman/Superman movie than that guy from Girls.

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