The Heavy Metal Benny Hill Theme Rocks You Silly

By Luke Y. Thompson in Music, TV
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 11:30 am


While I never found Benny Hill's comedic stylings that much to my liking - frankly, the moment he opens his mouth on any given episode, it's pretty much over for me - you can't not love "Yakity Sax," or hear it without imagining a large group of people running after Hill in fast-motion.

Now, thanks to rocker Eric Calderone, who likes to cover tunes in heavy metal style, I picture a fast-motion mosh. I get pitched videos like this all the time, so it takes a special something extra to catch my attention amid half a million "Hey, check it out - I did a heavy metal version of the Mario theme!" come-ons.

Benny f'in Hill. Heavy as...well, Mr. Hill himself on the bathroom scale, perhaps.

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