Tennant Got Screwed

Not by anything regarding the Doctor Who TV series. He had a plenty long, great run, and BBC America sent me the first Matt Smith-starring episode yesterday, I watched it, and there’s nothing for anyone to complain about (review coming next week). No, I’m talking about the Doctor Who games. First, the BBC announced four free adventure games based on the new Who, and the graphics look like this:


?Not bad, right? So why, oh why, does the Tennant-starring CG feature Dreamland, released only last year, look like this?


?Good god. Even the blonde mannequin woman is horrified by the discrepancy. I’m not saying the new Who games are PS3 quality or anything, but they’re definitely Wii versus Playstation 1 compared to Dreamland. I say again: Tennant got screwed. But, hey, free Doctor Who games! Whee!