SPOILERS! Captain America Directors Talk 9-11, Costume Changes and THAT Ending.

By Luke Y. Thompson in Comics, Movies
Friday, March 14, 2014 at 6:28 pm


LYT: On a much lighter note than that: often when you have masked superheroes in movies, they end up taking their mask off as much as possible. There are fanboy theories - one would assume that's just because you want to see the emotion on the actor's face, but there are fanboy theories that some actors have it in their contract that they have to have their face show a certain percentage of the time. True or false on that?

JR: That's false.

AR: I've never heard of that.

JR: On our movie, that's false. I know that. It is, a lot of it is about emotion and connecting to the character on a human level. And sometimes if you need a scene to play out between - an emotional scene to play out between that hero and another character, it's very difficult to get that emotion when you can't see their eyes, you can't see their facial expression. For us, it's the only reason we would ever have Cap out of his mask.

LYT: I was reading in the press kit that it said you guys had a great time shooting in Cleveland, but you shut down the major freeway. So does Cleveland still love you guys as much as you love it, because of shutting down their traffic?

AR: That's a good question.

JR: We would hope so.

AR: I'll say this: we are planning to have a really exciting premiere there in a few weeks! Listen, we love this city, and we had an awesome time shooting there. This is the second Marvel movie that shot there. Avengers also shot there. So the city is in a great place for shooting right now. And look - we want - we're really grateful that we were given that as a resource to make this movie. It was phenomenal! So we'll see. We'll have to just see. I mean, it depends where you live in the city. If that wasn't your freeway, you have no problems with us.

LYT: Does Quentin Tarantino know about the little Easter egg?

AR: Not that we know.

JR: Not that we know. And that was something that actually came in at the last second. We were struggling. We probably did 10 iterations of what...epitaph should be on that gravestone, and I think we were sitting in the VFX review, and I think it was our - I think it was Dan Deleeuw, the effects supervisor who came up with the idea.

AR: But we love Easter eggs, so we always would prefer to make the choice to put in an Easter egg, rather than to put in something that lacks multiple layers of appreciation.


LYT: Are there more little things in there that maybe we should be looking out for, maybe the second time?

JR: There's a lot. There's a lot. I mean, we put in a lot of Easter eggs in the movie. They're like titles of books that are on Cap's bookshelf that are Easter eggs. There's contents in Redford's refrigerator that are Easter eggs.

LYT: The Newman's Own dressing.

AR: Exactly. [chuckles]

JR: So there's lots of little jokes. We always encourage our prop department and our crew and our design team to look for ways to bury those in the movie.

LYT: Without spoiling any details, the Winter Soldier story line still has some loose ends at the end. Are those leading into Age of Ultron, or are they leading into another Captain America movie, as far as you know?

AR: You know, the condition that SHIELD is in at the end of this movie, leads it to Age of Ultron. The conditions of the relationship between Captain America and Winter Soldier are very much about the next Captain America.

JR: And you know, Frank Grillo's character, Brock Rumlow - there's the potential that this is now the origin story for him-that Crossbones will emerge.

LYT: Did you have to coordinate with the Agents of SHIELD TV show at all, because obviously this is going to affect that in a very major way, and I'm waiting for the TV continuity to catch up, just so I can see how?

JR: They, you know-listen, you know, there's a funny story. They all came to watch the movie for the first time, and none of them knew what was going to happen in the film, and I think they were all looking at each other a little stunned at the end of the movie. But there was coordination-I'm talking about the actors on the show. There was coordination between Kevin [Feige] and Jed [Whedon] and Kevin is really the linchpin for all of that.

LYT: Are you guys doing another one after this?

JR: We are. We're hard at work on Cap 3 already. As you can tell from the movie, there's a bit of an emotional cliffhanger.

LYT: Yes.

JR: Winter Soldier's story is not complete, and it certainly begs a follow-up film.

Subsequent to this interview, it was announced that Captain America 3 will open on the same date as Batman vs. Superman.

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