Seven Ways the Veronica Mars Movie Doesn't Suck for Noobs

By Peter Paras in Daily Lists, Movies, Toys
Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 6:00 am

4. About the Season Two/Three Stuff, Don't Bother.

Still not a fan of the season three re-edit of the opening credits.

Peppered through the 100 min run-time are fragments of allusions to the last two seasons. The only really important stuff is to know who Gia is - which you will since she's a big character for the film - and that Keith Mars was briefly county sheriff again in season three, but once again was ousted. I'm sure some Marshmallow (term for VM uber-fans) will comment about all the things I left out, but my goal here is just to get newly Neptuned visitors up to speed.

5. The FBI Comment That's an Easter Egg of Sorts, and Cool to View.

After the CW cancelled Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas made this twelve-minute presentation to highlight what a post-college Mars show could be. Naturally, she joins the FBI. In the film, she doesn't but it's hinted at. Here's the clip!


6. I Know What You Did Last Summer-like Mystery Is Solid, but Nowhere Near as Engaging as a Whole Season Arc, Obviously.


The best big story in the Mars universe is, hands-down season one. (Two and three were kinda meh.) The movie story had to be something that could be wrapped up in under two hours, and for anyone new to the show it's a pretty good entry tale. The big reveal ain't all that, but for fans and soon to be fans the whole thing's a tour de force for Bell. Her comic timing is still unpredictable in the best way possible. Just don't try to think about how realistic it is that it all comes down to Veronica attending her ten-year high school reunion.

7. Okay, Still Not Sure? Well Think About how You Felt When Folks Didn't Care About That Serenity Film...


Of course the biggest reason this was even made because the fans supported it financially through Kickstarter. (WB put up the other half ot the 6 mil on the condition that the campaign would raise at least 3.) Word has been spreading that Firefly might fly again as a show or film if Whedon and his crew do their own Kickstarter thing. Tell ya what, readers: if Firefly is revived I promise to support it, if browncoats will agree to support the Veronica Mars movie in return. I think fellow geeks like us should bond. Yup. I can't guarantee I'll get any of the others to go along with my plan...but I'll guarantee to do my best. That's worth something, right?

As for the Veronica Mars movie, if this is the last we ever see of Neptune's residents I'm fine with it. The send off, I admit, made me a little teary. Aw, Veronica, you've made a real marshmallow of me...

Oh, and go see it in a theater. You could just VOD it, but fans and noobs should buy a ticket instead. Why? Well for fans, it gives ya'll a chance to see it with other fans. For those new to Neptune, same reason. Think of it like seeing a band you never heard of with a fan. Lastly, I'm a traditional guy. Veronica Marsmight not be as cinematically epic as Gravity, but all films should be seen on the big screen.

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