The 7 Coolest Things About Ayumi Seto's J-POP Appearance at San Francisco's Cherry Blossom Festival

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 6:00 am

6. The Session.


The first 50 people who bought Aymmy products that day got to partake in a photo & autograph session. Now, for reasons which elude me, my anecdotal supposition in the Terminator Too: Judgment Play article that Topless Robot's readership's skews to a certain extent toward the straight / male end of the spectrum proved to be controversial. As such, I will refrain from hypothesizing as to who may or may not enjoy the following pictures of very pretty girls.

It takes all kinds, certainly, including blond girls in kitty ears...


...and blond girls not in kitty ears.


There were also cute nerdy brunette girls...


...and slightly taller cute nerdy brunette girls. (Yeah, I'm calling her brunette for the purposes of this joke structure. An argument could be made that she's blond, but let's not.)


Black-haired girls also represented, sometimes alone...


...and in pairs.


And there were boys, too, some of whom had their biceps signed...


...and some who did whatever this is.


See? Diversity!

7. There's More Goodness to Come at the J-POP SUMMIT Festival this July.


Ayumi-san will be back in July for the festival proper, and while not much else has been announced yet, there's always plenty of neat stuff, including more cosplay than several sticks can be shaken at. It's also concurrent with the Japan Film Festival in the New People Cinema, which last year featured local premieres of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, Wolf Children, and the live-action Space Battleship Yamato movie. More details as events warrant, and we'll tell you about the cool stuff - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Hatsune Miku appearance.

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