Weekend Hangover: 17 Stories You Might Have Missed

By Luke Y. Thompson in Daily Lists
Monday, June 2, 2014 at 6:00 am

9. Archer, See, Clarke?

Archer's Jon Benjamin tries his hand at dubbing Hal's lines in 2001. He makes the homicidal computer even more dickish, somehow.

10. Building a Media Empire.

Do you think the pundits on Lego News go on and on about their president faking his birth certificate, to cover for the fact that he's...Will Ferrell? I'd tell you but it's all in German.

11. Chip off the Old Mental Block.

The good news: there may be a cure for PTSD on the horizon. The bad news: it involves cutting open your head.

12. Crushin' It.

Honest Game Trailers takes on Candy Crush Saga. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, Robot Chicken imagines how "popular" directors would turn it into a movie.

13. Because the Problem With Chocolate Is the "Eating" Part...

...this one guy has developed a device that lets you snort chocolate like cocaine. Naturally, it was invented for the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood.

14. Dorkland, Dorkland Uber Alles.

Beat the Geeks' Paul Goebel wants to shoot a pilot for a newer version, with the radical notion of not insulting our intelligence or glamor-geeking. Guess that rules out Syfy.

15. Gotta Kombat 'Em All!

Pokemon has always been a metaphor for the gladiator arenas of old - it's time we acknowledged that reality and gave them Mortal Kombat-style finishers.

16. No, Not a Device to Capture Hacky Directors Fond of Twist Endings...

The infamous, yet totally tame Sega CD game Night Trap may be making a comeback. No, not as a new sequel - just the original hard-to-play full-motion-video game, remastered. Or it could be a total pipedream of its creator.

17. Lunar Surfing.

High-speed 'Net is what you get...working on the moon.

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