The 10 Least Necessary Doctor Who Figures

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, TV, Toys
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 5:00 am
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By Brian Heiler

When Doctor Who returned to TV screens in 2005, it not only excited a group of loyal fans but turned a whole new crowd of burgeoning nerds onto the often weird but ultimately fun British science fiction series. It also finally gave Who fans a great deal of merchandise, of which they'd only enjoyed a trickle during the previous four decades or so much of it thanks to Character Options and their Doctor Who action figures. But let's face it -- while the Doctor has battled many types enemies over the years, very few of them were as merchandisable as the Daleks. So unfortunately, when you went to local toy store to buy a Doctor or a Rose action figure, you were much more likely to find these 10 bottom feeders waiting in their place.

10) The Moxx of Balhoon
One of the first alien races seen on the new series, Moxx appeared in "End of the World" and his most memorable scene is spitting in Rose's face. Then he died. If his figure could have actually sprayed water, it might have been interesting as something more than a weird Max Rebo bootleg.

9) The Hoix
Remember the Hoix? No, of course you don't. That's because most people blocked out the terrible episode "Love and Monsters." For those that didn't, like me, it's because the cool-looking Hoix has an all too brief cameo in the episode; alas, he was much more of a running gag than a legitimate threat.

8) Doctor Constantine
"Empty Child" was a creepy standout of the first season, but an action figure of lab coat-wearing-old man Doctor Constantine wasn't ever going to be high on any Who fans' wishlist, even with his gas mask on, Besides, the far creepier "empty child" of the title was also available in a co-pack with Captain Jack. Everyone got them instead.

7) Faceless Grandma Connolly and the Wire
"The Idiot's Lantern" was an okay time waster in season two that featured Faceless Grandma Connolly, essentially a smarmy lady on television who took your face away. It's hard to believe anyone got excited at a two-pack of a faceless old woman (who inexplicably came with an optional head, in case you simply wanted an action figure of a face-having old lady) and a TV with a lady smiling on it. Weirder than that is that Rose also succumbed to the Wire that season, and a figure of her makes much more sense. Of course, they didn't make that.

6) The Editor
An evil, pasty faced man in a suit, The Editor was actually the servant of the even more evil Jagrafess on board Satellite Five. He wasn't even the real bad guy, but more of a middle management-type. If you're wondering why this character was chosen to be immortalized with a toy, look no further than the actor playing him, star Simon Pegg, whose loyal followers Character Options figured could use one more action figure. Alas, the figure's likeness was horrible, and only the most loyal Pegg-heads bothered to purchase it.
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