Here’s How You Can Save the Masters of the Universe


Just to refresh your memory, the above bit of plastic wonderment is Castle Grayskullman from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Club line (which also features such fan favorites and obscurities as Rattlor, Procrustus, Netossa and King He-Man, amongst others). The MattyCollector business model has gotten a lot of well-deserved grief over the years because of how difficult it is to obtain their offerings. Well sadly, things might get much worse. According to the Four Horsemen (the heroic madmen who actually design these things), the MOTUC line is in jeopardy because of a lack of subscriptions to Mattel’s Club Eternia. Full details and info on what you can do about this after the jump.

On their Facebook page, the Four Horsemen break down the situation thusly:

we’re sure you’ve all heard by now, the number of subscribers to the
2013 Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia at Mattel
( has dropped drastically from last year to this
year. This has put the future of the line in danger of being cancelled

We’ve seen a lot of the discussion on various
message boards and blogs surrounding this issue, and many people have
commented that this may be some sort of ruse by Mattel just to sell more
subscriptions and that there’s no true danger of the line ending. Well,
you should know by now that we’ve always tried to be as open, honest
and transparent with the fans as we could possibly be, and we’re telling
you now that the Masters of the Universe Classics action figure line IS
currently in danger of ending sooner than expected because of a sudden
and drastic drop in the number of subscriptions to the line.

Mattel has never reached out to us for our assistance about anything of
this nature in the past. In this case they have, so we know this is
serious and we’re 100% confident that everything you’ve heard described
by them is absolutely true, but it also tells us that there are people
at Mattel that are as passionate about this stuff as many of the fans
are and don’t want to see it end prematurely again. They’re not trying
to get subscriptions because they need the extra money. As beloved as
Masters of the Universe Classics is, monetarily it’s barely a blip on
Mattel’s enormous radar. MotU Classics is a sort of love letter to all
of the fans of the property who’ve kept the Eternian fire alive for this
line over the past thirty years, and hopefully will continue supporting
the property in their usual rabid manor however they can for many years
to come.

We’re not going to get into the speculation of why
or how the number of subscriptions might have so drastically dropped
between last year and this year. You’ve probably read all of that stuff
over and over again at this point. But we will say that even with the
hiccups that have taken place throughout the history of the MotU
Classics line, we still feel that it’s still one of the coolest toy
lines produced today (possibly ever – at the risk of sounding
conceited), and it amazes us that a massive corporation like Mattel has
such love for the toy line and the fans that they’d continue to make
every effort to produce the figures even without any sort of media
backing or any huge return on their dollars invested. What may seem like
just a giant toy producing machine to many of you, is actually a large
group of people that are just as excited and anticipatory as each of you
are about each new MotU Classics figure’s release. When these “hiccups”
within the line occur, you can bet that it upsets them just as much as,
if not more than, it upsets you and us.

So what happens
now? Well, at this point we’re going to beg you to subscribe if you
haven’t already. And the only real reason we’re begging at this point is
so we’ll all have a shot at getting all of those awesome characters
that you’ve all wanted to see in 3D plastic form in the MotU Classics
line since it’s inception. We want them too! Ninjor? Mermista? Dragstor?
Octavia? Squeeeze? Hydron? Peekablue? Saurod? Rio Blast? Batros?
Gwildor? (okay… maybe not Gwildor) Freakin TWO-BAD?!? C’mon. Cornboy
WANTS his Two-Bad… Are you going to make Cornboy cry? Don’t make
Cornboy cry. There are obviously many more characters we could list
here, but you get the idea.

We’re not saying that any of the
characters listed above are currently scheduled to be made, and we can’t
guarantee that we’ll be able to get to every single character that’s
been requested, but what we can guarantee is that if the subscription
levels needed to keep this line alive are not met, there’s absolutely no
way we’ll get to see all of the characters we’d like to see in MotU

So, the bottom line is – PLEASE subscribe, and
please spread the word as much as possible to get others to subscribe as
well. There’s only a little more than a week left to get your
subscription rolling, so time is of the essence. You can go here to begin your 2013 subscription to the MotU Classics Club Eternia.

We’re not asking as a bunch of guys who’re working on the line. We’re
asking as fans of Master of the Universe and this toy line. Please
subscribe to the 2013 Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia.


So there you have it. This is sad news indeed for fans of the MOTU collector’s line, but as the above missive indicates, all hope is not lost yet.

Suddenly Rob’s Internet outage makes a lot more sense — I suspect he heard about this and immediately began Hulk smashing every DSL line in his town. Thanks to Lukas for the tip.