Amy Pond, the Toy Who Waited


I know Hot Toys has spoiled us for 12-inch action figures, but there have to be more than a few Doctor Who fans/perverts eager to get their grubby monkey paws on this 12-inch figure of Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, made by Big Chief. It’s an excellent likeness (…for any company besides Hot Toys, again), and has an impressive array of accessories, including:

? Mobile Phone
? Picture Frame with Photo of Amy and Baby Melody
? Apple with Smiley Face
? Marker Pen with Lanyard
? Raggedy Amy Doll
? Raggedy TARDIS
? Raggedy Doctor Doll
? The Pond’s Invitation with Envelope
? Necklace with “A” Pendant
? Wristwatch

The Raggedy Doctor Doll is an exclusive you get when order Amy through the Big chief website, and it’s insanely accurate, which is to say it looks ridiculously awful. The figure can be pre-ordered here for ?129.99, or ?169.99 in you’re in the U.K. (taxes!) or ?169.99 if you want it with a plaque signed by Karen Gillan herself. I wouldn’t wait too long; there are almost more than a few nerds who are determined to find out if their Hot Toys Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow figure is bi-curious. (Via Tomopop)