The 10 Sexiest McFarlane Toys Action Figures

By Jay Barish in Daily Lists, Toys
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 7:59 am
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For a long, long time, McFarlane Toys was synonymous with three things: realistic movie toys, grotesque monsters and sexy women. They've since shifted their focus to evergreen brands like Halo and major-league sports, but they left behind a legacy of great, if largely unposeable and fairly fragile toys, and with each wave they put out, the sexy lady was always the first to go. Granted, they were sometimes produced in lower numbers, but they were also the most desirable to adult toy collectors, both male and female alike. Here are the 10 sexiest, assuming that all scenes of bondage are entirely consensual, and that open sores, wounds and bestiality are a major turn-off.

10) Valkerie from Spawn Series 22: Dark Ages Spawn: The Viking Age
Zeus and Viking Spawn were cool and all, but this escort to fallen warriors shone on the pegs like a feathery angel. With her supermodel looks, her winning smile and legs that go on for inches, she's one of the more wholesome-looking of McFarlane's creations... which is why she didn't rank higher on the list. A little blood spatter would have done wonders.

9) Sun from Lost Series 2
The end of the Lost toyline after two waves was bittersweet. On the one hand, we only got eight figures and a diorama. On the other hand, most of the rigid poses were terrible. Kate should have had a great, sexy figure, but she ended up just being trapped in some bamboo. Ditto Useless, uh, I mean Shannon, who was wearing a bikini, but was just lying on a towel. Kinda dull. Then Wave 2 gave us Sun, who didn't get too many chances to be sexy on the show, but McFarlane smartly picked her first big "wow" moment, when she dropped the towel and reminded her husband what she was working with. It almost made up for the fact that Jin's figure was of him tied up and crying like a bitch.

8) Voodoo Priestess from McFarlane's Monsters Series 1
For the obligatory female in his line of re-invented movie monsters (Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolfman, etc.), McFarlane could have gone with the Bride of Frankenstein, or a lady vampire or something, but he went out of the box and gave us this mostly naked witch doctor, complete with a big old mask. We pretty much threw the mask away, because it was so big it covered up the toy's, uh, appeal.

7) Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers Series 1
We'll be honest -- we don't even really like the second Austin Powers movie that much, especially Heather Graham's vapid performance. But the woman is beautiful, and this figure is even more scarily accurate than Elizabeth Hurley's Joker-smile Vanessa Kensington.

6) Red Riding Hood from McFarlane's Monster's Series 4: Twisted Fairy Tales
Hooded. Bikini-clad. Able to lift a giant wolf with one hand and gut it with the other. If this figure had been the inspiration for that Syfy original movie starring Felicia Day, we bet the ratings would have been through the roof.
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