8 Movies That Inexplicably Got Cartoon Spin-offs

By Jon Gutierrez in Cartoons, Daily Lists, Movies
Monday, February 21, 2011 at 8:03 am
4) Little Shop of Horrors
Both the original Roger Corman Little Shop of Horrors and the '80s musical remake featured a lot of death, and that's without the musical's original ending where every main character died. After all, it's about a plant that eats people. So, it's an odd choice to make a kid's cartoon about it, even if you update the doo-wop sound to the type of generic hip-hop that was all over the place in 1990s. And while the plant didn't kill too many people in the cartoon, it did have a habit of eating the show's piano teacher, who turned up fine in the next episode. So, you got a little killing, but no consequences. That's a great lesson for kids.

3) Police Academy
While most people remembering the later, watered-down post-Steve Gutenberg- sequels, it's easy to forget just how bawdy the first film was. Hell, there was nudity, gay jokes and Leslie Easterbrook's gigantic boobs. All of which explains why they had to add so much new stuff to the cartoon, including a bunch of talking dogs called the "K-9 Corps." Heck, if you're not going to put in a podium blowjob joke, it's just not Police Academy.

2) Toxic Crusaders
If there's one studio that's least appropriate for children that isn't doing porn, it's gotta be Troma. Distributors of such classics as Rabid Grannies and Bloodsucking Freaks, they were able to take their best-known classic, The Toxic Avenger, and turn it into a cartoon of goofy misfits fighting for the environment. Which is pretty impressive, considering the Toxic Avenger movie features him jamming a mikshake stirrer into a guy's throat.

1) Robocop
While the Toxic Avenger was violent in a, well, cartoon-y way, Robocop is simply one of the most disturbingly violent films of the '90s (I'm still having nightmares from Peter Weller's arm being blown off by a shotgun.) More disturbingly, this toon tried to keep pretty close to the original film, with the opening credits even showing an animated version of Weller getting gunned down! And if you had any doubts that the makers of the show were expecting kids to have watched the original film, they brought back Clarence Boddicker into the show. That could only appeal to people who'd seen the film... unless they just thought that Saturday Morning cartoons needed a bunch more Kurtwood Smith.
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