10 Weird Things William Shatner Did Besides Star Trek

By Ethan Kaye in Daily Lists, Miscellaneous
Friday, May 20, 2011 at 8:03 am
You can say that William Shatner has devolved into self-parody, but we think he's just gotten awesome. It's actually difficult for Shatner to not do something interesting. Let me put this in perspective: William Shatner's career has been one incident of weird shit followed by another, then another, then T.J. Hooker, and then even more weird shit. The man makes Salvador Dali look like a boring mailman. While researching this article I found books worth of bizarre behavior including:

• Turning the Broadway Show The World of Suzie Wong from a drama about an Asian prostitute into a comedy about the same
• Starring as a featured voice in the movie 'Lil Pimp
• Killing a piranha with his teeth in Loaded Weapon One
• Canoeing from Canada to the USA
• Narrating the Biblical book of Exodus to music
• Having his eyes gouged out by Ernest Borgnine in The Devil's Rain

Now, these aren't things mentioned in this list; these are just a few of the other insane things Shatner's done besides Trek. I've picked 10 of my favorites, but this is only the tip of the Shat-berg, so to speak.

10) Got to Third Base with Koko the Gorilla
The first chapter of Shatner's excellent memoir, Up Til Now, describes how Bill met the infamous "talking gorilla" Koko. I remembered Koko from my childhood as the lovable gorilla who learned sign language and got a kitten. Later, I learned that as Koko grew up, she became an intolerable asshole. So the story goes that Bill got to communicate with Koko in her home (as much as I'd like to say it was a "palatial Hollywood estate," it was really just a zoo), and basically just repeated "I love you, Koko" to her. Then she grabbed his balls. Really hard.

9) Acted with a Giant Penguin
Even now, William Shatner will sell anything if the price is right. He's been the spokesman for Promise margarine, Commodore computers, Wendy's, Priceline, Blockbuster Video, Western Airlines, and... Loblaws grocery stores. I was going to include the hilarious Commodore computer ad, but this Loblaw's ad where a trustworthy Shatner holds up Loblaw's as the golden god of frozen food is even better. The Shat is followed by a creepy man in a penguin costume, possibly not for the first time in his life.

8) Shilled World of Warcraft
Maybe you remember a game called World of Warcraft. Maybe you remember the advertising campaign where famous people described their characters. You might even remember how Bill Shatner admitted he is a shaman, a "conduit for the ancient forces of nature" while dressed in a druid's robe. However, he chose not to reveal if he pays Koreans to farm gold for him.

7) Land of No Return
Here's the premise: Mel Torme is an animal trainer who crashes his plane full of circus animals in the woods and has to survive, while William Shatner is the guy back home who searches for him. Shatner's scenes are, like those of many "guest stars" of movies in the '70s, phoned in and filmed completely separate from the main action. Just check out the trailer, how much screen time is wasted with Bill's line reading. Most of the trailer is just scenes of animals swatting at each other, intercut with a flat Shatner-ian line read. And it was based on a book!

6) Dealt in Frozen Semen
No, I'm not posting a video. Don't EVER look up "William Shatner horse semen" on YouTube. But it was a real news story and 100% bizarre. See, William and his ex-wife both bred horses. They still do, the man breeds thoroughbreds as a hobby. When they divorced, his wife Marcy got part of the thoroughbreds in the settlement -- specifically the part that comes out of the male parts of horses. But the settlement stipulated it had to be freshly cooled semen. No bullshit horse semen for this picky lady. When the Shatman delivered frozen sperm instead of the agreed-upon "lightly chilled" jizz, Marcy went off the deep end and took him to court. They settled, but damn, that had to have been a fun court hearing.

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