The Guild: The Soda

By Rob Bricken in Merchandise, Miscellaneous
Friday, September 23, 2011 at 10:29 am
Jones Soda is releasing an official The Guild-themed soda. Yes, as in the Felicia Day created/helmed/starring web series. From Jones Soda Co.:
Introducing Jones Soda and The Guild. Who is your inner gamer most like? The strong Warrior skills of Vork Green Apple Soda....the sexy Priestess charm of Codex Strawberry Lime...the blade slingin' Rogue skills of Bladezz Cola...the Mage like insight of Clara Berry...the Long Range wit of Tinkerballa Grape....or the Warlock magic of Zaboo Blue Bubblegum.
You can order the six-pack for $13 here. I'd love to think of something clever or cutting to say about these things, but seriously, my mind is totally blown. There's an official Felicia Day beverage. Great scott. (Via Pop Candy)

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