Your Topless Robot/SDCC Calendar of Events


?? I’m finally heading to SDCC tomorrow morning, and getting in around 11am PST. Chris Cummins will be here in the morning to post the news so I don’t have to frantically play catch-up the minute I arrive.

? I’ll be covering SDCC Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so make sure to stop by TR this weekend. FYI, news will be posted randomly and at all hours. On Monday, I’ll catch up on whatever stuff I missed and do a review of the big news/reveals/whatevers from the con. On Tuesday, I will sleep all day and TR will be closed. Everything will be back to normal on Wednesday the 27th.

? Please note there will NO CONTEST this weekend. This is partially because it’ll be too hard to run while I’m at SDCC, and partially because I’m still recovering from Shatner Facts. There will be an FFF tomorrow, although god knows why.

? There is, unfortunately, no official TR meet-up this year, due to circumstances beyond my control. However, if I get the chance to spend a few hours in a bar, I’ll try to post my location on my Twitter feed, so you guys can stop by if you aren’t waiting in line for a panel you’ll never get into or if you aren’t at one of the much cooler SDCC parties that I haven’t been invited to.