TR Contest: William Shatner Facts, Sponsored by The Captains

Between the Dance with Dragons discussion and today’s FFF, I’m all writed out. So forgive me for being brief, despite the awesomeness of this week’s contest. First: It’s sponsored by Epix to celebrate the upcoming premiere of The Captains, that movie where William Shatner interviews all the various Star Trek captains. Second: they’re offering both shirts and movie posters. Third, and most importantly: THEY’RE GIVING AWAY 10 SETS OF THEM. That’s right, 10 winners!

captains prizes.jpg

The contest is to make up facts about William Shatner in the vein of Chuck Norris facts. They don’t have to be focused purely on the Shat’s awesomeness, although I’m sure they’ll be plenty. They can be anything involving Shatner and his roles. For instance:

? Shatner spent his off-time in-between Trek seasons actually exploring strange new worlds in a spaceship of his own design.
? An arrest by the fictional character T.J. Hooker can be used in a real court of law.
? When William Shatner is done with a toupee, it sprouts wings and flies to heaven.

And that’s that. Enter as many times as you’d like — William Shatner’s munificence deserves as many entries as we can heap upon him. The contest ends at 12:01am EST on Monday, July 18th. Oh, and if you have time, The Captains is sponsoring something called The Long Khan, where you upload your best “KHHHAAAAAAAAAAN!” scream here in order to create the world’s longest Khan scream. IT’S WHAT SHATNER WOULD WANT YOU TO DO, ALL RIGHT? And don’t forget The Captains premieres next Friday on Epix and at SDCC! And I’m done. Have a great weekend, folks.