The Force Unleashed Likes It Hoth

This is a little PSA to tell you that apparently the Hoth mission pack went on-sale on PSN and Xbox Live last night. Now, I’m on record of being a fan of TFU despite the fact that the game was partially broken, but you need to know this about the mission pack before you buy it:

? It contains three levels, or about 45 minutes of gameplay.
? It’s $10. That’s a lot.
? Apparently, it’s even buggier than the regular game. Check the video above, and you’ll see for yourself.
? It’s also apparently pretty boring.
? You get to fight Luke at the end of it.
? Luke’s voice actor is terrible.

Unfortunately, as a major Star Wars nerd, Fact #5 is pretty impressive to me, but not quite enough for even me to pony up $10 more bucks on a game I’ve already spent more than $60 (I bought some of the skins, sigh). If maybe it was longer, or got better reviews, or was at least less busted, I’d probably give in to this particular dark side. But for now, I can resist, at least until it gets cheaper.