The Last Stand FAQ

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies
Friday, January 18, 2013 at 11:15 am


Are you being hard on Arnold because you don't like his politics?

No. Pretty much everyone I know, right and left, thinks he wasn't a very good governor. Most of us are happy he's back doing movies instead.

So what are your biases when it comes to Arnold?

I love his '80s output, from the genuine greats (Conan, Terminator) to the awful-yet-awesome (Commando, Raw Deal). Less keen on his late '90s/early aughts stuff like Eraser, Collateral Damage and End of Days. This one is better than those.

Has his acting improved?

From Expendables 2, yes. And he's hilarious yelling out profanities, which happens a lot.

Anything else we should know?

Harry Dean Stanton pops up for a bit. He's becoming Hollywood's go-to for crazy old guys now.

What grade would you give the movie?

A for Arnold's stuff, C for the rest. Averages to a B. Seeing it with an audience is fun, but seeing it on a DVD where you can skip to the good parts might not be a bad plan.

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