The Tron Legacy Music Video for “Derezzed” Has Forced Me to Type With My Nose

Because my hands are otherwise occupied (Get it? Get it?! … it makes me masturbate). Seriously, this video is so gorgeous I can barely stand it. Its fantastic design is so close to the original Tron it brings tears to my eyes; it makes me kind of wish this was the look of Tron: Legacy.

Honestly, I know the actual movie probably can’t live up to the hype in my brain — well, almost certainly can’t, because I am fucking insane — but this video may actually fill the void for me. Let’s see: Classic lightcycles, Daft Punk music, Olivia Wilde, a few amazing surprises… yep. This is my nerd nirvana. I assume I’ll ascend to a higher plane, at least if I can ever quit jerking off.