The 5 Best and Worst Things About Comikaze 2013

By Melissa Molina in Daily Lists, Nerdery
Monday, November 4, 2013 at 6:00 am

The Five Best Parts Of Comikaze

5. The Panels in General


Comikaze may have some flaws with its general layout, but at least they managed to do something right with the variety of panels they had on display. They weren't just centered on just comic books or video games; you got everything. In one area you could attend a panel on how to break into the screenwriting business. If you were more of the interactive, brave type, you would find yourself over at the Dungeon Master show where you could be part of the fantasy adventure taking place in front of you. With the number of panels taking place at Comikaze, you get an immersive experience in different subjects, which is rather fun to learn.

4. The Interactive Areas


There's only so much walking around a convention center that you can do until you realize how bored you're feeling. Should you go venture forth somewhere else in the convention? No way - there's plenty to still take part in at Comikaze. If you're a cosplayer, there was a wonderful fashion show that you could sign up for where you can show off some of your latest hand made wares. And if your passion leans more towards the video game side of things, you could go to the cool gaming section of the convention. There were a number of old school video game consoles and arcade machines to play with.

It was really tempting to just sit in this part of Comikaze for the rest of the day and play Super Mario 3 in a soft, cushion-y chair.

3. The Cosplayers


Earlier in the convention I spoke to a vendor in artist alley who attends a number of smaller events similar to Comikaze. We both came to the realization that there are more cosplayers in the vicinity, than, say, WonderCon or Comic Con due to the size alone. There's more room to experiment with possibly cool new outfits here without any sort of judgement from others. Cosplayers are normally sweet folk, but you need some place to really test out an outfit, see if it works or not, and what better place than Comikaze?

There were barely any Slave Leias to be seen in this vicinity (thank GOD) and instead attendees were flooded with a variety of different outfits, from an R2D2/Disney mash-up to various interpretations of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes.

2. Booth Diversity


One of the big advantages of being in an infant convention is the room they have to show off various products/people in booths that wouldn't get a chance at a bigger venue. While I was walking around the convention, I found not only a cool number of artists that I have never seen at this point but some vendors, artists and even websites that got their chance to shine in Comikaze due to their ability to give places like these a chance with a booth on the main floor. I never would have learned about the website Geekscape or a wonderful artist like Devon Devereaux if they hadn't been out on display here with the wonderful help of Comikaze. Good work, guys.

1. The Youth of Comikaze


This may be the millionth time I've reiterated this, but Comikaze is still a baby convention compared to most, and because of that it has so much potential. What I see isn't just big mistakes, but room for an incredible amount of improvement on what could be the best convention in California. Rather than flaunting that they have Stan Lee's name in front of it, there are a couple of genuinely good geeks in the mix that are really striving to make Comikaze the number one convention in California for all things comic and pop culture-related. There are a few conventions that strive to be bigger, but Comikaze has managed to keep their space rather small and intimate, so fans can easily walk around back and forth without being overwhelmed by the amount of things they can do.

But there's still a lot to experience. In the end I had a bit of fun with Comikaze and while there may be some growing pains still, I can't wait to see how they continue to expand next year.

Photos taken by Alan Falconer

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