8 Ways Frozen Is Disney's Gayest Animated Film Yet

Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 6:00 am

5. Oaken Appears To Have A Husband


This is one of those "blink and ya miss it" things, or it's just an easter egg the animators threw in and thought no one would notice, just like they thought no one would notice Jessica Rabbit's flash of her bare hoo-haw in Who Framed Roger Rabbit 25 years ago (by the way, people totally noticed.) Remember the scene when big, burly Oaken refers to his family at "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna," he points to four kids and one big ol' muscular dude?

Of course it theoretically could be another family member, but I think the inference here is that guy is Oaken's life partner. As some have pointed out,Frozen is based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale The Snow Queen, which is Danish, and Denmark has had civil unions since 1989 and made gay marriage legal in 2012. So it's only fitting.

6. The King and Queen Are Classic Homophobic Parents


I wouldn't go and say that Elsa and Ana's parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, are terrible parents, since they clearly love their children and don't disown them or anything, or ever try to "fix" Elsa of her ice abilities. When asked by the trolls, they freely say she was "born that way." But much of their behavior strikes me as classic homophobic parent behavior. The mantra that they feed Elsa about her ice powers-"conceal, don't feel"- could be any right-wing parents' advice to their gay teenage child. Just bury who you are and try and be normal, and don't let on what you're really like to the people around you.

And then they literally keep her in the closet. Okay, okay, it's a big room and not a closet, but close enough (remember what I said about the subtext in this movie being barely sub? This is a perfect example.) Let's just say they didn't do poor Elsa any favors, and when their boat went all Titanic on us, I wasn't shedding any tears in the audience. Those girls are better off without your bad parenting skills, thanks.

7. Hans Christian Andersen Was Bisexual. (And Also Kinda Perverted)


Where oh where would Disney be without Danish author Hans Christian Andersen? Not only did he write The Snow Queen, on which Frozen is loosely based, but he was also the original author of The Little Mermaid, the last Disney animated musical to start a new golden era for the company. Well, we don't know if Frozen is the start of a new golden era quite yet, but I'm being optimistic here.

Not only was Hans bi, he was kind of a perv; he kept a journal of every time he masturbated, which, it turns out, was quite frequently. He even made little annotations in the journal whenever a particular session was particularly good. Although he loved women, he seemed to enjoy men just as much..or rather, boys. During a visit with Charles Dickens in 1857, he asked to be shaved by one of Dickens' young sons every morning, a request that Dickens flatly turned down. It was said that he spent his life yearning for boys and men, but always unrequited. But whether he did anything about his desires or not...it is clear that Hans liked the D.

8. Once Elsa "Lets It Go", Her Wardrobe Becomes Fabulous


When we first meet the adult version of Elsa, she's wearing a purple cape and a dress that keeps her fairly covered up from head to toe, with her hair done up in a more conservative fashion. When she finally lets it go and embraces her true self, she gets a fabulous new glittery gown to match her new attitude, lets her hair flow free, and sparkles for all to see. Oh, and then she builds herself a palace that resembles She-Ra's Crystal Castle from the '80s cartoon series. In a movie filled with gay stuff...this might be the gayest part of all.

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