Goofy Batman Fan Video Trifecta

As we begin the Topless Robot broadcast day with a goofy Batman video, so we end the day with a goofy Batman fan video… and then two others, just ’cause I’ve got ’em. The first, above, is the most impressive of the trio, as it’s a startlingly excellent Pok?mon-themed remake of the Batman: TAS opening credits with… wait for it… Zubatman. Thanks to Gabriel QMtz for the tip! The other two vids are after the jump.

? Next, the How It Should Have Ended guys takle a look at The Dark Knight Rises… and many, many of the spots in the movie that took place well before the ending. I really like the Lucius Fox instantly flooding the chamber bit; that didn’t occur to me at all, but yeah, that would have been a pretty simple solution.

? Last and possibly least, this video is still my favorite of the three. Thanks to Chris McQ for the tip.