Weekend Hangover: Top Gun Drones on, Escher Gets Gamey, a Puppet Gets Laid and More

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 8:00 am

-Don't ever ask where cheese comes from.

-Pleased to meteor you?

-Time(y-wimey) for a Weeping Angels video game, yes?

-3D-printed faces based on DNA. This could spiral out of control.

-Computers teach other computers to play Pac-Man. Next, will instruct their mechanical brethern how to procrastinate and eat junk food.

-If ugly puppets can score with supermodels, what's your excuse?

-Here comes the Blood Moon. Though it should be a net positive if you believe the name of racially mixed actress Moon Bloodgood. And why wouldn't you?

-And finally, here's a great note on which to start the week: Fox ADHD's "Childhood Ruined" (and yes, it's more creative than a rape joke about George Lucas)

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