Weekend Hangover: Top Gun Drones on, Escher Gets Gamey, a Puppet Gets Laid and More

Our name for it is better.

Well, I for one was too busy planning a WrestleMania party all weekend to see what other fun things were going on in the world, but if, like me, you missed out, here are some highlights of this weekend’s reader-submitted items, compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair.

Tipsters this week include SlyDante777, skrag2112, Dr.Gonzo82, Anyone00, franciebrady27, rkwsuperstar, troi, Gallen_Dugall

Transformers songsmith Stan Bush still has the touch. But does he retain the power?

-For North Korea, a little bit’s not better than NADA. Though I’m sure they want the whole enchilada.

-Manicorn’s always got the Cure for what ails ya.

-Tom Cruise to fight drones. Also, there might be another Top Gun movie.

-Key and Peele to produce a Police Academy reboot? I’m down if they can cast Liam Neesons as Lassard Jr.

-Google’s trying to trademark “Glass.” Observers are undecided on whether their case is half-full or half-empty.

-The underwater wheelchair means that even sharks are no longer safe from Stephen Hawking.

Family Circus, the series, is not real. But its line about newspapers being “an Internet for dogs to shit on” is so sadly true.

-Mattel’s version of Nerf guns fire slime rounds.

-Aren’t these basically Beggin’ Strips for humans?

Tetris on the side of a skyscraper. Proof the Russians love our inner children too.

Archer‘s “Danger Zone” gets a music video. All of Hollywood curious why it’s not about drones.

-New Mickey Mouse shorts are coming, ha-ha.

-Escher-inspired game Monument Valley will have more power over you than the Goblin King.

-Before having even tasted the thing, I have already had it with these motherfucking KitKats on this motherfucking pizza.

-Someone is truly “in the tank” for Amazon.

-Selling video games to kids with the help of a celebrity they very likely will not recognize or remember.

-Every Game of Thrones death, in under three minutes.

-Don’t ever ask where cheese comes from.

-Pleased to meteor you?

-Time(y-wimey) for a Weeping Angels video game, yes?

-3D-printed faces based on DNA. This could spiral out of control.

-Computers teach other computers to play Pac-Man. Next, will instruct their mechanical brethern how to procrastinate and eat junk food.

-If ugly puppets can score with supermodels, what’s your excuse?

-Here comes the Blood Moon. Though it should be a net positive if you believe the name of racially mixed actress Moon Bloodgood. And why wouldn’t you?

-And finally, here’s a great note on which to start the week: Fox ADHD’s “Childhood Ruined” (and yes, it’s more creative than a rape joke about George Lucas)