SDCC Bans Selfie Sticks, Vaping, Drones



SDCC just updated their rules for this year’s event, and now I’m going to have to redo ALL of my con bingo cards.

No Smoking at Comic-Con, Including E-cigarettes and Vaping Products and Devices

Vaping Steampunker was a corner square on like, half the cards. The rest of the new rules are after the jump.

No Selfie Sticks or Similar Devices at Comic-Con

This brings SDCC in line with NYCC, where selfie sticks have been strongly discouraged since the New York city council made it legal to hit someone with their own selfie stick.

No Live Streaming of Any Program or Event in Any Programming Room at CCI, Plus Google Glass Guidelines

There’s a nice little caveat that says “if your Google Glass is prescription, please bring a different pair of glasses to use during these times,” but if your only set of prescription glasses is a discontinued pair of $2000 Douch? and Gabbanas, you’ve got a lot more thinking to do than just “should I go to this panel?”

No Drones or Flying Devices of Any Kind Allowed at Comic-Con

So it’s completely off the radar, hmm? Maybe that’s where LYT ended up…