Fan Fiction Friday: The Skeksis Chamberlain from The Dark Crystal in “La Vengeance et Douce”


?I know what you’re thinking. You’re think that whatever happens in today’s FFF, it can’t be worse than the sheer fact that someone wrote an erotic fan fic starring the horrible rotting bird-man from The Dark Crystal. Of course it can, you sillybilly! Because this story by Mitora stars an original character named Briear LeFleur!

Briear: Well well, I am a total poster child for a life of
debauchery entered with the predatory rap of fine leather meeting the
floors of the club in an almost ravishing step. A dainty pirouette of
heel in those perilous black lether brought me forward into this
strange dark palace of this strange world. Though I am not human (I am
a part of humanoid mystical race), I came from France, living a life of
luxury and decadence. I like to hang out in night clubs, dance around
with other guys, lift weights and practicing with my psychic powers and
toying with boyfriends ^_^

Like you do.

Chamberlain: Mmmmmm….I always dreamt of having a slave of my own.
Always the bastard SkekUng, the cocky emperor and general who thinks he
is better than everyone else got the best slaves. Even the other
Skeksis gotten slaves except me. That really pissed me off, until one
day, the Neo-Garthim, a new improved version of the old Garthim back on
Thyra, captured one hot male whom mysteriously appeared on our world. I
was so excited, so I told the Neo-Garthim to free that strange looking
young man. The slave told me his name, Briear, of a planet called Earth
(Mmmmm…where the hell is that planet? Herd of it, but nowhere nearby
our new world…..)

This little horror show switches violently from Brieaier’s point of view to the Chamberlain’s, but I’d suggest trying to follow along, because it’ll distract you from the nightmare of what’s actually being said. Shall we?

We start with Brieaiear, who is ever-so-ready to be fucked by a anthropomorphic zombie vulture.

Briear: The ultimate act of submission. The offering a life itself.
But I didn’t come to offer a life. Merely a night of servitude, the
time where my essence were to be drained. The official sign of
belonging to the Skeksis. First, before Chamberlain could drain my
essence, he had to make sure the coast was clear of anyone else except
for other slaves. Luckly, coast was clear, so Chamberlain stripped me
nude and sat me in the chair, binding me in spot. Then, the other
slaves started to open the crystal wall, getting ready for this
ultimate experience of mine. The beams were sent through my eyes,
transforming my very soul, it was like almost something sensuous. The
liquid of my body was being poured into a vial. My penis becoming cold
in the room, cold and hard. I can not wait for some more action to come
this way!

“Shut the door slave!” Chamberlain commanded some of the slaves. So
the wall finally shut up against some doors, the beams finally died

“When will we start?” I asked, feeling anxious.

“Oh ho, pretty soon!” Chamberlain laughed. “Mmmmmmmm….so soon.”

Oh, the anticipation! Now back to the Chamberlain (I’m assuming you’ve got the switches figured out after this):

Chamberlain: Heh, SkekUng and the rest always thought they were so lucky, i was about to get even with them.

“Cristal Bats….” I commanded to the flying crystal beings. “Keep a
watchout around our fort. Make sure no one gets in my way. HA HA HAH
!!!” So the bats flew around the fort, keeping a watchout all over the
place. So far, so good, no one on my ass.


Briear: Oh dear, here is where it is all going to start! Woo hoo!

First off, my wrists and ankles were hand cuffed to a bed, nice cold
chains. Then the Skeksis Chamberlain put some cloth over my eyes, so I
would only feel and not see. That has got to be interesting.

Does it? I don’t believe that it does.

“Mmmmm, are you ready Briear?” Chamberlain crooned, as he was
getting himself undressed from all of his many robes and armor (I can
tell from the robes and armor faling to the ground). Then, I felt him
on top of me! His fingers toy with my pierced nipples as the other hand
caressed the bulge between my legs. I moaned softly as my hips bucked
and tightened up. Long, talon-like fingers and a thin lithe tail
wrapped around my erection as the Skeksis began to stroke. His hand quickened, and my eyes never saw Chamberlain through the blindfold.

“Get ready pretty boy!” Chamberlain hissed as he lifted my bonded
legs onto his lap. Suddenly, I felt his great huge groath lunge into my
stringhole, rubbing up against my anal walls. Man, with all the guys I
was with, whether they were human or not, I have not felt great
satisfication like this! HA HA HA HA!!!

Look, the spelling is bad, no question there. But what horrible, fucked-up things have happened to this kid that he calls an anus a “stringhole”? My mind recoils at the thought.

Chamberlain: “Push harder!!!” the young man screamed out to me.
Geez, so he read my mind, typical of those humanoid mystic people. I
think he also likes being a slave too, plus, it beats those booooring
Podlings of yore!

UGLY FACE!!! HAH HAH HAH!!!” Revenge is so sweet, especially if you
ended up in a torture chamber at one point of your life. SkekUng may
have Tianshaonu and Rishi, but I have Briear, an ideal slave of my own.
Always perfered males over females to do what they wish for me to do to
them. Suddenly, both of our orgasms came in a rush, and we both passed
out on each other, embracing my slave boy.

I feel like the Chamberlain has a very shaky grasp on what constitutes revenge. Fucking a fictional French boy-whore probably doesn’t affect Skekung much one way or another.

Briear: This talk about SkekUng? Who was he? Why does Chamberlain
hate him so much? Is it something personal perhaps. More than likely so!

“Say Chamberlain, who is this SkekUng guy and what shall we do to him?” I asked, panting from the sweet fun a little while ago.

“Oh. SkekUng? MMMM….well, he is Emperor of Skeksis clan. He
defeated me, he humiliated me and he treated me like a puppet, just
becuase I tried to defeat him and become emperor. He is such a jerk
off.” This game me an idea.

Discussion point: “Treated me like a puppet.” Sly reference or horrible, horrible ignorance?

“I read your mind loud and clear….” I told him, smiling. Chamberlain looks at me, wide eyed.

“Ha, I knew it. You mystics CAN do that after all. I though it was
just a rumour.” Chamberlain chided. He then freed me from my chains and
blindfold. “Well Briear, I want you to do something for me here….”

So Breaiaieieiaiiuuioir is also telepathic. I get the feeling this is very much one of Mitora’s RPG characters, don’t you?

“Yes sir?” I asked, approaching the Skeksis. Then he dragged me closer to him, obviously wanting to whisper into my ear.

“I want you to….” Then Chamberlain pointed one of the crystal bats
to me. It showed an image of a much older looking Skeksis leaving his
throne area, wandering around for a bit. “See him? That is SkekUng, my

“Okay….” I replied blankly.

“Briear, I want you to show him what I am made of. Get even with him, SOON!”

“Yes sir.” So I got myself dressed into my skin tight leather
body-suit, pulled out my sacred scepter and made my way though the
hallways of the Skeksis Citadel, pursuing SkekUng.


I hid myself nice and well, so the Skeksis Emperor would not find
me. Damn, and he looks so fierce too. His cold, mad crimson eyes, and
wicked facial expression, that sent pre-historic fear into the hearts
of many, no matter how brave some were. I felt nervous, but I had to do
what needed to be done. So I decided to telepathically summon the
Neo-Garthim in the same fashion Chamberlain did.

“Garthim….” I said telepathically as the great chrome-like giant
crustaceans lit up like luminous orbs, being active with mavolent
energy. “….get the one called SkekUng! I am your new master now! HA

Telepathically adding the “HA
HA HA HA HA!!!” at the end seems a bit classless to me.

Chamberlain: Alright! My slave, he is doing what I always dreamed of
doing! The Neo-Garthim started to rush right forth the “dear” emperor,
ganging up on him, trapping him as well.

“What! I am your master, stop this! STOP THIS NOW!!!” SkekUng
screamed out in frustration. But thankfully, the Neo-Garthim are now
listening to my dear little slave of mine. I cannot believe this! The
Emperor/General is gonna get taste of his own medicine. Suddenly, as I
watched through a crystal bat, Briear started to lead back the Neo
Garthim back from this dungeon, and then using his own magick
techniques to suspend SkekUng in mid-air. Then, glowing chains are
summoned to hold the poor bastard in place. Then the young man started
to use his burst spell to tear off every bit of the Emperor/General’s
clothings. Ha ha, now he will know how I felt when he tortured me.

Mmmmm…. this is so sweet!

…”a crystal bat”?

Briear: A rush of monotony raced over my nerve endings, causing my
slender palm of hand to rest against the greasy-chill that was the jet
table-top, thinking of just what to do first. The midnight leather of
my body suit that enclosed my body was as cliched as it sounded, a
second skin to me, the devious slave that is I, Briear! SkekUng seemed
oblivious and indeed quite nervous to what I was getting ready to do to
him, no mater how hard he tried to hide his emotions beneath his tough
exterior of body.

…”a rush of monotony”?

“What are you going to do puny young man?” SkekUng asked, bellowing slightly. “Now who sent you here?

“That is none of your damn business.” I smirked. “I heard you
torture your own kind, and I will give you a taste of my medicine!”



“Oh, you shall see soon, EMPEROR!” I laughed out loud.

But for all of that, the hunger at seeing me was filling the General
with something he couldn’t describe. And it seemed to pulse in the air
around him, like fresh blood in the water of a shark’s home. Ah yes,
the hunger was one of the things I was most used to. After all, hunger
was what drove at my inner little demon, sending it cast out into the
world to make me what I am today.

I then transformed my scepter into a thorny whip. If nothing else,
SkekUng’s twisted face was the one who met the singing sear of the
thornes of my whip. He was the one me and Chamberlain longed to have
him sing out her rightful title, “Master.”

His mouth broke open, a huge unearthly scream of pain made at the
filling that he wasn’t so out of control as he thought. He settled back
into the slowly-melting surroundings, his crimson eyes half-closed in
pain, the ice rubbing against him with a futile intensity. The room was
dim, an unrecognizable mass of lines and shadows to him. A slow glance
was made, falling over the walls that were draped in what appeared to
be silk the color of freshly shade blood. But I still continue to crack
the whip at the will of my master Chamberlain.

…”shade blood”?

“Keep cracking, keep cracking.” Chamberlain’s voice rasped through
my head. Blood started to rush to SkekUng’s already half-hardened cock
at that thought. He couldn’t believe that he was actually here,
suffering the torture similar to what Chamberlain has been through with
him. Slowly he rose from the tub, the ice trailing over his scaly skin
in moistened streams, causing him to shiver as he met the well chilled
air. Goose pimples cast over his skin as he looked over the walls
again. Whips of every shape and size dotted the silk, glowing and
disappearing almost as the black candle’s kiss met them all in turn,
the flaming ends landing on the pitiful Emperor. An assortment of hooks
filled the ceiling and he looked at in fear.

“BASTARD!!!” SkekUng screamed in pain. “If you will release me
sometime, I’ll fucking kill you! I will sink my teeth into your throat
and rip it out!” Brilliant gas-flamed blue bore into him, almost as if
daring him to contradict her in some way. My long braided chartreuse
hair fell over her shoulders, gleaming like peridot under moonlight. I
started to unzip the crotch area of my body suit, exposing my erect
manhood. I started to heat it up like a hot over poker in the fire. My
penis was now hard as iron and hot like flaming coals over a fire.

toht face melting.jpg?

“This is for Chamberlain!” I shouted, wacking my hard fiery manhood
against SkekUng’s cold, sweaty scaly skin. He let out shouts of pain,
feeling burned by my nice long dick of mine.

“So this was Chamberlain….” before the Emperor could finish, I
wacked him a few more times with cock, burning him in some nice spots.
Ha ha ha ha ha!


“Dear emperor, there is one more thing coming to you here.” I said,
my penis cooling down and shrinking enough to put it back within my

With those very words, I muted the General and made him go deaf for
a certain amount of time. I think it would be too cruel to just leave
him a vegetable (^^;).

Before he could reflect upon anything yet, the blindfold I carried
was lowered over his eyes, and light ceased to exist. Sweat beaded
along his face. This was something that was totally new to him. Never
before had all of his senses been deprived of him. His hands started to
curl into fists as more blindfolds were placed over his eyes.

Is Brieauioeiaoieoeoaieioer god? What the holy fuck is going? Why is any of this happening?

Sometime later SkekUng felt himself freed from chains and being
turned upside down by my telekinetics, a metal rope binding his ankles
and tail .

My warm bared flesh that seemed almost to sear him with a placid
anger. There was no buildup as he felt his arms becoming slightly
slacked. He was still tied but only by his ankles. No foreplay or not
thought was made as he felt my mouth on top of his throbbing shaft. His
teeth clenched at the control he had been holding for so long fled from
him in a long pealisque stream. So I rode him for a few more minutes,
the lackluster thrill not what I expected dammit. I started to bite
harder and harder on his scaly cock, making that bastard scream against
the gag as if somehow this was worse then whatever else he had been
through this night. But hey, I only carry out orders now, so what


But all of those thoughts were lost as my teeth was pressed through
the flesh of his scaly penis with no numbing at all. He made a
screaming expression on his twisted cold face and blacked out as he
felt the oxygen slowly starting to be cut off down there…

Chamberlain: Mmmmmm yes, my dream has came true, thanks to my new
slave and boy pal. So I decided to make my way down the corridors and
onto the room where I was once tortured at for watching SkekUng and
Tianshaonu once. I made my way there and found Briear, smiling in

“I did it for you Chamberlain.” he said coyly. “All for you.”

“Mmmmm why thank you. You did wonderful.” I replied, feeling quite pleased. “Ready for some more fun together Briear?”

“Yeah sure! After dealing with SkekUng….now you can do whatever
you please.” Briear smiled as me and him went back together to my

Holy fuck. There’s an epilogue, but as it only hints at Skekung getting his own omnipotent boy-slut to even the odds, I’m just leaving it out. If you want to read the whole thing, go wild. You know what’s most disturbing to me about this? If this dude really wanted to fuck the Chamberlain from The Dark Crystal, that would be horrible and depraved enough. Same as if he just really hated Skekung, the Skesis General, and wanted to sexually torture the characters. Either of those would be tremendously fucked up. But clearly, Midora — or his character, Briaoearaoaieiaoanceldqbjdekwjbhz;jagaoiaoioeauir — hates the general only out his love for the Chamberlain, meaning somewhere in there, there’s real emotion, whether imagined for the character or actually in the author’s horrifying head. That takes this story out of the realm of creepy into the horror stratosphere.

Oh, and the fact that it features both anal sex with and sexual mutilation of rotting bird-people. That too.